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Same Shit Different New Year (Stay Ignorant Philly)

Once again, the racists, bigots, drunks and pill popping unemployed of Philadelphia get a free pass to trash the city in a mummers parade.  Here we go again.  I saw the Caitlyn Jenner bit on TV at the Liberty Bell diner that morning.  As soon as I saw it, I could hear other people in the diner gasping and saying,  “oh, thats a problem”  and “can they do that?”




Ahh Philly.  Land of the bigot.  Hate to post this again, but here’s the passyunk ave fountain in south philly.  Almost looks like a troop of “wenches” or “fancies” or whatever they call drunk racists who get off on dressing like women (rather than confess they aren’t man enough to admit they are gay).

Mummer Bigots
Look at the mummers doing a mini show by the Passyunk Avenue fountain.

It’s time for Philadelphia to do the right thing and end this parade, or open it to the general public (minimizing the affect of the racists “mummers” spectacle). Besides, no one cares or even knows what a “mummer” means (even the idiots that do it don’t know and cant explain it).

Health “care” in Amurka? REALLY?


Here’s a nice little review…

Jefferson is horrible. All of it. Methodist and otherwise. They are never in a hurry to do anything other than bill you. The 1800-jeffnow call center people dont even want to hear you on the phone. They are rude and interrupt you and do not let you speak. They transferred me to the ER at Jefferson Methodist Hospital (where I was seen initially). The lady in the ER (who sounded distracted and not paying attention to anything) transferred me to an isolated voicemail queue that provided no out, other than to hang up and call back. (If anyone else is in this position, the call back number is: 215-955-6840).

When you are connected (in this case to jefferson methodist) there are so many people goofing off in the background that the person on the phone needs to ask for your SAME information 5 times because they are goofing off so much, they aren’t paying attention to the people on the phone.

After they finally pay attention enough to get your information correct then they will tell you “oh you are at METHODIST… THATS why I couldn’t see your information.” My response was, “Isn’t this Jefferson hospital? How many flavors of Jefferson are there? Just because you cant read each other’s data is not my problem!”

They took a throat culture from me tuesday and now its thursday. My symptoms are much worse and judging how long it took for them to find my information, they had no intention of even following through with the lab results much less contacting me. To be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised if they took the swabs of my throat and threw the swabs away.

THIS IS WHY PRIVATIZED MEDICINE IN AMERICA IS CRAP. All of these hospitals are more concerned about marketing and making money then they are about treating people. The whole time you are in physical agony, they are transferring you to an isolated voice mail queue or they have you on hold listening to their marketing drivel about how they are such a great provider of health care.

If you want health care, leave this god forsaken country of money grabbing opportunistic hustlers. This is what has become of America. This country and its’ health care system are a bunch of criminal selfish opportunistic hustlers.

healthcare hell

Happy June 2013 Thoughts

Here are some of today’s numbers (for those of you scoring at home):

5 Interview calls today. Only 2 spoke discernible English.
Of those 2, one (1) seemed very good. I have some work to do, but once again here’s another Whoppertunity.

3 Calls today asking for “Sean” or “Shawn” “Gabreel”. These were phone scams known as the “free government grant” phone scams. I never got calls like this when I was working. It is amazing how this world preys on the desperate. Just makes me really mad at humanity. Here’s a youtube AUDIO of a guy who has them stomped.

Listen from the 5 minute mark forward.  These are foul mouthed sick predator people.  This guy is wise, and these phone scammers are horrifically manipulative. It’s nice to hear them get what they deserve.  Keep in mind I had 3 of these god damned calls today. I would love to keep these people on the phone and mess with them, but I have a minutes allowance on my verizon wireless contract, of which I’ve been in good standing for 12 years (bastards!).

1 Computer diagnosed. Billy D’s car shop across the street wasn’t getting video on their PC (related to our transformer explosion last month). I lugged his tower PC upstairs, broke it open and fiddled with it. Isolated that one of his memory cards was bad. TA DAAAAAAAAAA!

11 more days left in this apartment. (I want to be vacated by June 15 … hopefully).

11 is Gladys’ approximate age on her approximate birthday. Since daddy is getting an unemployment check tomorrow, Gladys’ birthday will be June 5, 2013. I know I’ve always said (and agreed with her vet) that she was born in June. No one is really sure. She’s a street kitty at heart.

Gladys is the big 11
Gladys is the big 11

gladys on porch june 2013



gladys thanksgiving 2012

It’s going to be interesting to see how she takes to the new digs… (Insert ponderous thought here).

2 is the amount of annoying ice cream trucks that have gone by my house in the past 1 hour. Sign of the economy? I think so…

THANK GOD IT’S SUMMER BUT… there aint no “hissing of summer lawns” going on here. (Right Denise? I put this cheezee Joni Mitchell song up for you)

so… In summary,

Sometimes I Dont Know What To Feel