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I found this website:

Click to open Hartz Victims.org

…AFTER I bought some flea meds for Gladys.  It horrified me.  I sent them an email today with better news.  Here’s the text:

First of all thank you for your website. Had I known about this first and not been so desperate to save a buck, I would have never fallen into the big lie that Hartz cares about pets.

To begin, Gladys (my 8 yr old rather healthy kitty) was showing signs of a flea infestation. This usually includes scabby flakey dandruff and lots of scratching with some swelling. I figured I would go to my local grocery store up the street (the Acme (which needs a website all its’ own for abusing its’ customers)) to see if they had any spot-on flea solution. All they had was the “Hartz Ultra Guard Plus” solution. I paid nearly $12 for this.

Brought it home and applied it to Gladys as instructed. Was surprised at the amount of fluid that came in one dosage. I thought, “might as well have a bucket of chemicals”. The fluid ran dawn her back and sides way past the instructed dosage area at the base of her skull. I found this to be very messy and dangerous as any mouth contact to these chemicals had to be bad for the cat.

Within an hour she eventually got around to cleaning herself (she is very clean and thorough). Every time she got a taste of the Hartz, she made a horrible face, licked at the air, and sort of slobbered a bit. I kept watching her for the next day (24 hrs had passed since application of the Hartz chemical) and eventually gave up and threw her in the shower and washed her down with shampoo (she was still scratching, and upon further scanning of her fur, had live fleas).

All the Hartz Ultra Guard Plus did was make a mess, made her fur ugly and waxy, and caused her to make a slobbery, yucky face. It didn’t fix anything. A complete waste of time. I finally just broke down and purchased the overpriced but always effective Advantage II. Much smaller dosage (no mess) and seems to always fix everything (like it has for the past 7 years).

When it comes to Hartz, spare your kitty some suffering and just save up for the good stuff. Hartz is worthless and should be fined for producing a useless and dangerous product!

Once again, thank you for your website. I will be linking to it from my blog.

Chad (and NOW a quite happy and flea-free Gladys of course)

So now you all know how we feel about Hartz pet products.