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Sixth Release (Third EP) from Hozpitality!!!

Music that had to be made… and QUICKLY (as usual, the speed of creativity being a major ingredient to the Hozpitality formula). (Yes, that is dangerously tan Justin Bieber flipping off Mitt Romney… Thank you!)

Hozpitality-We're Testin Shit EP

This release is so small, we have placed the tracks below for instant streaming.

Track 1 – Romney Plan(0:38)

Now if you live in America, you know this next song,
Tap it, tap it in thats a zinger,
And tell me how to poke it on Tuesday,
Dang no one’s happy.

Special shout out to Nu Shooz.

Track 2 – Passyunk Sweat Lodge(2:05)

Just passin the mic around. An urban native American feel.

Track 3 – CeMeGo MsNeebo Alchemist Let It Flow(Tatooine)(3:11)

A rap song… with teeth. Blow for blow with Alchemist and MsNeebo (and robot voice thing).

Track 4 – I Have No Idea(1:23)

Passin the mic around again. Featuring Bitchin Bob as beat box extraordinaire.

Tools used:

  • Korg Kaossilator
  • Korg Kaossilator Pro
  • Korg Mini-KP
  • Sony Acid Loops (crash tastic (awwwww))
  • Jade Garden Chinese
  • Coffee

Voices by:

Click here to download the album in a zip file with cover art (7 megs).**

** We still don’t make money off of this crap. We do it for pleasure! The best compensation would be a comment or review right here on this blog again. Hozpitality thanks YOU (and your Romney Plan)!

Why Not Try Every Possibility?

Listen what happened to New Order (what i like to call “Norder”)….

Hozpitality – The Second Album (2011)

The second album from Hozpitality. This one was hustled into production from the overwhelming popularity of the first album. It was short so it was called an e.p. (which is short for extended play. It is a musical recording which contains more music than a single, but is too short to qualify as a full album or LP). Oddly enough it is slightly longer than the first album. Hozpitality once again keeps you on your toes!

This album lovingly includes the “Tuffy Goosewich Suite”.  These were songs that were created using samples from the The Conet Project-Recordings of Shortwave Numbers Stations.  These samples were used in conjunction with Sony Acid Studio to make some sort of musical ambient sensation of subtle mystery and freakishness.

The name Tuffy Goosewich is a misspelling of the Phillies Minor League Baseball player “Tuffy” Gosewich, who was being profiled in the news at the time of the creation of these tracks.  His likeness has been lovingly distorted on the album cover.  There is no reason for this association other than it being a funny sounding name (poor guy).  Nobody should take offense to this use, as there is no malicious intent… get over it!  The way things are on the Internet these days, there is a chance this could actually make the guy more famous (if his name wasn’t so damned funny).

Track List:

  1. Tuffy Goosewich Suite(Bob Version 1) (1:46)
    Bitchin Bob’s shot at the suite.
  2. Property Patch Whore (2:12)
    Denise and CeMeGo reminisce about a night at a bar where a bunch of motorcycling whore’s come to get drunk and beat the crap out of each other.
  3. Tuffy Goosewich Suite(Chad Version 1) (1:19)
    CeMeGo’s attempt at the Tuffy suite.
  4. I’m Gonna Put This on My iPhone (2:39)
    CeMeGo hates the iPhone (guest starring Loretta Lynn and Conway Twitty) (2:39)
  5. Here Kitty Kitty(Daddy n Meez Gonna Cum) (3:29)
    A family affair on the phone (where most of these take place).  Gladys is not amused!
  6. Tuffy Goosewich Suite(Chad Version 2) (1:54)
    Funny how radio noise can break down into something completely musical and misdirected at the same time.
  7. Albino Goomba (2:41)
    Need a catch phrase?  Hate everyone including yourself? This is the song for you!  If you make a t-shirt out of any of these phrases, please contact us for a good laugh!  (Language not suitable for children or anyone with rational thought).
  8. Tuffy Goosewich Suite(Dirty Mayonnaise Finale) (1:26)
    A grand finale collaboration where the radio noise becomes the musical notes.  If digital audio needed a razor blade to cut tape, this song’s creators would all have bled to death.

Tools used:

Sony Acid Loops
Adobe Audition (blah!)
Olympus Digital Voice Recorder WS-600S
Radio Shack Voice Memo Recorder

Click here to download a .zip file of the album in .mp3 format including cover art. (17 megs)**

** We don’t make money off of this crap. We do it for fun! The best compensation would be a comment or review right here on this blog.  Hozpitality thanks YOU (and Your Dirty Mayonnaise)!

NEW (third) ALBUM from HOZPITALITY (2012)

The third album from electronic masturbatory manipulators Hozpitality, brings 9 selections of mind blowing electronic music for your amusement. Personnel includes: Denise, Cemego, Bitchin Bob, Kevin, Theatreshmuck, and Count Samula.

Hozpitality-Expressway To Your Anus

Track list:

  1. Buy Now Viagra Cialis (2:30)
    Spam never sounded so sexy.
  2. Where’s My Medicine? (6:27)
    Bob asks the age old question.  For when the pain, the itching, and the inflammation starts.
  3. Cemego One (8:14)
    New instruments, new experiment.  This was an initial stab at dynamic phrase synthesis.
  4. Hey Yahhh (4:16)
    Works really good with a video collage from the TV show Intervention.  (See Denise for site reference).
  5. Expressway To Uranus (6:08)
    All aboard for the title track!!  Tickets please!  (Watch your step!)
  6. Requiem For A Post Holiday Wednesday (for Gamera) (9:17)
    How to sound close to Stevie Nicks’ Stand Back, without trying.
  7. Kevin and Mary (3:29)
    Allow this tune to vaporize into your grey matter while Mary inevitably plays Nintendo.
  8. Deep Fissures (2:22)
    Chugging up like a train, to a bouncy sound about a crevasse.  When they ask, say “no way!”
  9. Burp A Burp of Liquid Dynomite (1:13)
    Burpy and explosive conclusion to your travel down the Expressway to Uranus.

Tools used (with links):

Click here to download a .zip file of the album in .mp3 format including cover art. (40 megs)**

** We don’t make money off of this crap.  We do it for fun!  The best compensation would be a comment or review right here on this blog.  Hozpitality thanks YOU (and Uranus)!

ANOTHER New Track from Hozpitality..

Tonite, Bob and I smashed together another masterwork of audio material.  This is the next hit on the new landmark Hozpitality album.

Broken IPhone

This one is called, “I’m Gonna Put It On My Iphone”

Click here to get your hot and juicy mp3 copy of Hozpitality-I'm Gonna Put This On My IPhone.mp3      


CtrlZStudio Podcast Numero Duero!!

Sorry folks this was a week late in posting.  I had to listen to the whole thing the whole way through and clean it up!

Here it is in all it’s glory:

  • More angst toward BP
  • space weather that matters
  • chicken news
  • rehomo update
  • phone a friend
  • ctrlzstudio cafeteria menu
  • Hans and conspiracy theories
  • and tons of audio stupidity and silliness for your enjoyment.

Sound quality is ‘eh… so so’ but … the point is there (whatever that may be).

In summary, listen to a recording of a bunch of people having a good time bullshitting.

Podcast participants this time are:  Bitchin Bob, Chad, Mysterious Denise, South Philly Sammy, Will, Mark ‘the meat whisperer’, Birthday Brenty, Johnny D, and Glorious Greg.

Click here     
to get it!

ctrlZstudio Podcast Numero Uno

Bob on left, Will on right
The table where the first podcast was recorded. Bob on left, Will on right.

Our very first podcast!!  Recorded on May 14, 2010 between 9pm-1:30am.  Don’t worry, it’s only an hour.


  • Our strengths
  • Pointless observations on news things
  • DeCore Tech Support
  • Word Association
  • Random observations
  • Space Weather (the pilot)
  • We discover sound effects work

With Bob Carmody, John DeCore, Chad Graybill, Denise Graybill and Will Harrell

Guests include Mark Pavusik, George Seavers

Click here