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Lush Lagoon

This holiday weekend, why not try something different then the usual beer while celebrating our nation’s history by blowing pieces of it up with fireworks, and sipping on a cool “Lush Lagoon*.”

*WARNING: Do not attempt to put out drunken firework induced fires with “Lush Lagoon.” Dosing the flames with “Lush Lagoon” may result in death or injury. Ingestion of “Lush Lagoon” may result in death or injury.


I’m still hoping for complete and total INSTANT oblivion. Like a light switch to a dimension of nothingness!




During the opening craze of the start up of American Idolism, the WB network had put out a show called Superstar USA which turned out to be a big prank gone wrong. I detest shows like American Idolism. I think they really detract people from opening up to all sorts of music and talented musicians they might otherwise overlook. But I think the folks over there at WB came up with a good reason as to why the music industry today is what it is.

WARNING: Listen at your own risk.

The judges critique at the end of Jamie’s (the winner) performance really nailed it for me. Enjoy!

The sad part about it is that if you put some auto tune on it and mixed it to death, it would be #1 on I-Tunes.

Everybody Pooooops! Sommmmmetiiiiiiiimes… (SIC of R.E.M.)

NOTE:  Nursey people (like Liz or Kay), any medical advice you may have is definitely welcome as (like most) I’m an American with no health insurance, and it’s too damned cold now to stand outside the clinic in a line with the homeless and unwed/raped mothers at 7AM with a fever.  And if this grosses anyone out, I’m sorry, but the revenge note at the bottom was fun and the chart gave me a laugh because Type 1 looks like bunny poop! (Also, I THINK Bristol has nothing to do with Bristol Palin… OR DOES IT?)

If you have had a meal at the Wendy’s located here, you may need this helpful chart below.  I have been suffering from my visit last Friday and it has been very painful.  I’ve lost my appetite, and been feverish for 5 days now.

Seems Type 7 is my fate.  I’ll let you know when my kidneys and liver fail (unless my unpaid cell phone dies first!)  HA!

Here’s the message I left on their website:

I ordered a double with cheese, hold the lettuce tomato and onion medium sized meal. (I incorrectly received a double without cheese), and an order of Asian chicken wings.

Upon my return home about an hour or two later I exhibited a high fever. I have had diarrhea for 5 days now. You need to check the cleanliness of your restaurant, the food handlers, or the quality of your food before you kill someone. This is not the first time I have been made ill by this particular Wendy’s. Clean your surfaces or wash your hands.