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Funky 70’s TV Bumper Music: Evening/PM Magazine Theme

Evening/PM magazine logo

If you are old enough you will remember this theme.  I mixed it together with really bad audio bits from youtube.  The opening theme is sewn up with the ending synthesizer funky theme.  As a “bonus” (I guess) it reprises the opening at the end.

I just heard this out of the blue and remembered how funky it was.  Crank dat shit (in the middle at least).


Got a new desk today.  Bought it at Target.  It was called a “writing desk”.  The guy at the check out counter said, “New writing desk eh?  Doing some writing?”

I said, “Nope!  Proppin’ up some synthesizers.”

He said, “Oh!  Musician?”

I said, “Where?!”

Korg Volca’s (3) Beats, Bass, and Keys with the Electribe Sampler.

Got it all set up, wired everything into the little black 4 channel rolls powered mixer (in the upper right) and marveled at how much living room space I have reclaimed because of the new desk.

Yay! More living room space and more toys actively connected!

I connected the sync cables for the 3 volca’s.  I have not synced them to the electribe YET.  Just for giggles to test them out, I hit play on the pattern on the Beats, then play on the pattern on the Bass and was amazed at how the 2, completely independently created Beats and Bass sequences, magically worked together, now that they were sync’d for the first time.  I did a corny key’s diddle on top just for fun’zys.  Check it out!  It’s called Ode To A New Desk.

Like they used to say on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, More to Come!!!!



snow, Snow, SNOWWWW! (and Rosemary Clooney cannot sing!)



This song is played on the Mike O’meara show when they discuss the snowy forecast.

It’s Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye, and Rosemary Clooney.  Rosemary has got to be one of the most talentless singers ever.  Between her and Keeley Smith,  I don’t know who is more boisterous and flat.  The opening attempt at harmony makes Hozpitality sound good.

Play this song as you throw out your back shoveling.  Be sure to be playing this as your car skids out of control on the highway ending your meaningless life in the…

snowwwwwwww…. Snowwwwwwwwwww…. SNOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW….

A Little Late But My Christmas Fave

Every year on the David Letterman show, Paul Shaffer does the official singing of “Oh Holy Night” by Cher, impression. I remember this from the 1980’s and he’s still doing it which is totally awesome!

I live for this and I recently found where they are on the youtubes. Here’s an explanation:

This one is more in the flavor that I loved. I loved the reference to Donahue. Very 80’s. I loved his viewer mail and Dave was so much better in the 80’s on NBC. I sort of think he died when he moved to CBS. (…and still the reference to the “muff”)

and then we have 2008