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DC Sucks AGAIN! Metro! Staffed by helpless Victims!

dc sucks

Ah… Washington DC Metro area (you too, Maryland and Virginia)… This is such a land of victims. Apparently, if you run a red light, it’s the light’s fault. If you open doors (by pressing the wrong button) on the wrong side of the metro train, it’s the button’s fault. This is so disgusting, it makes my head explode.

metro only hope smaller

Today there was this article:

I was so disgusted when I read this article I almost punched my computer monitor!!  I, of course, left a comment!

This is the biggest bunch of bull I have ever heard in my entire freakin life!

“big rush-rush culture” of metro? ARE YOU SERIOUS? I NEVER SEE ANY METRO OPERATOR OR EMPLOYEE RUSH FOR A N Y T H I N G! Where is this coming from? Is this some alternate reality? This is completely insane!!!!!

Why they run red lights? Cause they can! Why do they open doors on wrong side of the train? Because they can!

TURN THEM OVER! They run a red light! FIRE THEM! They open doors on the wrong side? FIRE THEM! The culture of laziness, and constantly crying victim IS THE MOST DESTRUCTIVE PART OF WMATA. There are thousands of people who want those jobs and can do them better. Ya run a red light? You press the wrong button and open doors on wrong side. YOU ARE FIRED! PERIOD! It’s not the button’s fault, it’s not the red light’s fault, it’s not this mysterious “rush rush culture”… its NEGLIGENCE, LAZINESS, UNACCOUNTABILITY AND COMPLETE LACK OF CONCERN AND WORK ETHIC. FIRED! FIRED! FIRED! (idiots)

Fuck you Washington Metro Area Transit Authority.  Fuck you DC!  Fuck you Maryland!  Fuck you Virginia!  Fuck every single ounce of you!


Man up, admit you suck and it’s your own fault, then start the building process and quit blaming everything but yourself.  You gutless pussies!

Job Hunt: What is Wrong With This STUPID Country?!

Below is an exchange between one of the 6-10 job recruitment emails I receive DAILY.  (Don’t be fooled folks, the job market out there is really good).

However, this demonstrates what is inherently wrong with labor and the “job creators”* in our country.

(*Remember, the term “job creator” is total bullshit because the people who have the ability to create jobs really dont give a damn if they are creating jobs or not.  They just want to see if they can get their overhead and hire people for as little wage as humanly possible.  Essentially, these companies would hire neuro physicists for $5 an hour if they could get away with it).  Below is the exchange.)

From: Jolly
8:12 AM (1 hour ago)
Hope you are doing good today!
This is in reference to your profile I got from our database. I wanted to check your availability for an URGENT position we have.
Please review the details below and let me know your interest.
Position: Technical Documentation Specialist
Location: Martinsburg, WV 25405
Duration: 5 years+
Client: Naval Postgraduate School (NPS)
The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) intends to do an 8(a) Competitive procurement for Data Entry, Imaging, Indexing, IT Support Services and Related Support Services for the ATF National Tracing Center located at the Martinsburg, WV facility under North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) 518210.
General Qualifications:
· Proficient Technical Skills
· Demonstrated Writing Skills at the 12 grade (High School) and higher
· Demonstrated ability to accurately type at least 40 wpm
· Interpersonal Skills
· Active Listening Skills
Required Skills:
· Demonstrated proficiency in Microsoft Office Products (Excel, Word, Power Point, etc.)
· General knowledge of IT concepts and terminology relative to Web Development
· Experience drafting technical documentation and training materials

——– my first response ——-
Chad Graybill
9:10 AM (19 minutes ago)

to Jolly

Everything listed is well within the scope of my experience. Currently, I am working on a contract that seems to have no end for HRSA.

I am making $xx/hour on a 1099 with absolutely no benefits including no sick leave.

If you can do better than this, I will consider.

Chad Graybill

——– Jolly’s response ———-
From: Jolly
to me

I can do $xx + $5/hr on 1099.

Please send me your updated resume.


——– My second response ———–
To: Jolly
(attached resume)

Considering I just re-signed a year lease living in North Bethesda, MD…. I don’t think this rate is reasonable enough for me to break my lease and move my life to Martinsburg, WV. The commute from my current residence is 50+ miles one way through some of the worst traffic the east coast has to offer.

Can we reconsider with this in mind?

A friend of mine said, “There are many job opportunities out there right now. The problem is that everyone wants help, but nobody wants to pay for it.” Can you show ME that you really want my help and make it worth my while to uproot my life for this? The way I see this, we are all responsible for our own health care at this point. I dont understand why companies have very little to pay for labor these days. It’s bad enough that we now cover our own health care, then companies don’t want to pay for any sick or vacation leave. How much more cheaper can we make labor for the “job creators”? I don’t understand why BEFORE the ACA(“obamacare”), companies covered health care AND leave. Now they want to cover NOTHING? I dont see how this is reasonable or even fair.

Merely $5 extra dollars an hours doesn’t seem really reasonable enough for this.

Apparently, when we want something we pay for it.  When the “job creators” or the people who HAVE MONEY want something, we are supposed to give it to them for free.

This is why I do not rise for the national anthem.

UPDATE:  this person didn’t even read the response and just sent me a form to sign for “exclusivity” so nobody else can PIMP me for this contract.  Essentially, they just made the assumption that I accepted their offer.   Once again, proof that nobody in America reads ANYTHING.  I responded saying:

We are still negotiating! If you actually read my last post you will know that I did not accept your offer and was questioning the reasons why the consideration is so low.  I will not sign any agreement until the terms are reasonable.  Your suggested terms are not reasonable as mentioned in my last post.

Keep It “Rill” Baltimore!

They be gettin wic welfare n everything else!!!

Ahhh Maryland. So classy. We sure know how to prop up our rich dont we! Then this crap is running wild. Tax me harder Maryland. I love being your bitch!


(AND i’m in love with the commentator… “deuces”)

Apartment Living in The DC Metro Area Part 3

A lovely posting on the community social network. This is funny. I could see this turning into a total catty pompous ‘bitch-off’. I can see it now, “OH MAH GOD! SOMEONE HAS LEFT DOG DOODY UNDER THE DOOR HANDLE OF MAH BOYFRIENDS BEEEMER..”


You live in a MFDU (multi family dwelling unit). You dont like it, go to them and address them about it. Dont passively bitch on the posting board. Can we get more juvenile? I have a problem with the halls being loud, I email the management and they send out a neighborhood reminder. This person is going ass kicking personal.

This is fun! 🙂

Apartment Living in The DC Metro Area Part 1



I sent this email to building management this morning:

SUBJECT: Hallway etiquette, or How can we say this nicely?

Since I have been living here at Avalon at Grosvenor Station, I have noticed some behavior in the hallways that seems to be acceptable and I do not understand how this is reasonable:

1. Every weekday morning (6:50am) and evening (4:30pm) it is apparently ok to let your kids run screaming, yelling, chanting or stomping as loudly as possible in the hallways. This is similar to releasing your hyper children into a McDonalds play place. So apparently the halls of Avalon Grosvenor are a place to allow your kids to have a discipline free LOUD wild run in the hallway EVERY WORKDAY.

2. Apparently if the weather is not the best, it is okay to turn the hallway into an exercise yard for your dogs. I guess its okay (and even comical) to let them run up and down the hallway with no leash at top speed chasing each other like it’s a grey hound track.

I had no idea that this was accepted as common courtesy in a shared apartment complex hallway.

Next time, if I come home drunk early in the morning or at any odd hour, I’ll be sure to hire a brass band to march down the hallway and play loudly OR I will allow my cat to use the hallway as a litter box.

I realize that this negligence of others is accepted behavior in Montgomery county and the DC metro area (as I had the unfortunate pleasure of living in this area before and I realize coming back here is not a step up in quality of life). I have grown to consider that, in this area, one cannot expect other people (especially strangers) to be considerate of others. If that was the case, the traffic around here wouldn’t suck so bad.

Do you think I’m out of line by expecting anything different for a common use hallway?





Now I guess I should just wait for the flaming bags of poop and dirty diapers in front of my door.  We’ll keep you updated!




Yeah!  Go!  Go!  Go!

Life Lesson #5472-Never Email When Angry

I did something today that I think will burn me. I came out to Emily’s Government teacher. Or almost. At this point, I probably should not give a shit anymore…but its hard for me not to.

I am involved with this lawsuit:

I chose to remain silent to protect my family and also because I am the only plaintiff that has a child in the public school system here… But part of my reasoning for joining the suit was the encroachment of one type of religious belief onto our school system when these Commissioners starting under funding or cutting environmental and science programs out of the public school budget, all while setting up $500,000 slush funds for people who CHOSE to send their children to parochial or home school them. Two of the Commissioners can take part in milking this fund because they elected not to send their children to public school.

I blogged about it with my “County Destroyer” post a while back, but I took the post down so defense’s council could not throw it back in my face cause they tried to do that with another plaintiff in the case. Yeah. Freedom of Speech only applies to those that agree with you…

Long and short end of it: We won. SC ruled. Federal Judge dismissed order. We refiled suit citing differences between cases and why elected officials are not invited unpaid clergy. Judgment still pending…

I received this link from one of the plaintiffs and it made me livid.

A Student’s Letter to Commissioner Frazier.

This student goes to the same high school as my daughter. No one at Liberty knows her mother is a plaintiff in the lawsuit-not even the Government teacher, who commented about our case in class this semester. Notice Mrs. Frazier’s passive/aggressive insult to the public school system. Why? Because teachers are not teaching this:

The American View US Constitutional Course

Whose views have been shaped by these people:

League of Southern Gentlemen

Just ignore that we are also a hate group.

Member of the LOS, God’s Special Lawyer (And $4000 Rothschild Campaign Donor)…not to mention sponsor of the county employee’s tax payer funded special class.

This made my blood boil, and I made the mistake of sending an email to my daughter’s Government teacher at Liberty today, with the link to Mrs Frazier’s blog about the letter to her from the student, along with the links I have posted above. I told him I was proud that my child had taken his course, and the fellow student who wrote the letter was in the public school system and was not afraid to stand up to tyranny or practice his civil duty. I also did tell him that more people needed to know the truth about where these ideas are coming from and hopefully there will be a change in the next election. But if it swings in the favor of these people, and similar ones who want to take what little rational representation we have away, then I’ve already supplied him with the link to the re-education learning course.

I did not go into as to why we as the 3rd highest taxed county in the State of Maryland, with a median income of $80,000 per year, are having budget issues with our public school system… Nor did I even mention religion.

I suppose I can skirt the issue by saying it is “Lauren” who is the malcontent atheist, and not Denise is just Emily’s mom. LOL. Truth is, I am tore up that I may hurt my daughter in some way. How can I trust that this teacher is not having to suppress his white pride Constitutional views as well?

Emily has this week left of school and then she never has to step in the Government trailer for class again. Why did I not just think of that before I hit send. Fuck. Oh well. Let it not be said that I never tried to stand up for something.

I just have to learn to not let these things upset me as much…perhaps a crayon shoved up the nose would work? I have to remember, that this county is in fact Thunderdome.


So VERY South Philly

Funny thing is… ONCE AGAIN… the thing that makes our neighborhood and city look stupid comes from the burbs (in this case New Jersey).  Is anyone surprised?  REALLY?!  ANYONE!

This guy just LOOKS like the typical, “I’m gonna go into da city once a year, git drunk and beat da crap outta some guy!” person.   Dime a dozen around here.  But just the look ALONE, makes me angry.  (The words “Meat Head”, “Dork McLargioni” come to mind.  Leave any other suggestions in the comments section).

News article link