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You Know You’re In The Suburbs When…

This actually could be anywhere, but have you ever noticed what happens to left over pizza hut buildings? They get crazy businesses in them that seem really awkward and unrelated to the cheesy Pizza Hut architecture (the stupid tinted trapezoid windows and the dumb hut roof).

Check out the Used To Be A Pizza Hut blog. It’s a really hilarious and sad trend on business in America.

The only reason this interested me is because there is one up the street from us in Eldersburg Maryland, and I’m told there have been a multitude of failing restaurants located in it. The current is a steak house. The only issue I have is this guy’s website doesn’t include it,YET…. Not until I send in a picture.

Used to be a pizza hut
This picture is old. It is now a crappy steak house called T-Bone & More. Click the image above to visit the Used To Be A Pizza Hut blog.


Eldersburg Used To Be A Pizza Hut at present.
Here is the current appearance of the Eldersburg Used To Be A Pizza Hut.

Ohhh lucky us! They’re right next door to Mr. Tire. That just makes me even more hungry.

Inside Eldersburg's used to be a pizza hut.
Notice the trapezoid windows from the inside. It seems they left the Mexican themed border across the top of the windows. Whoopsy!  Also, darn it, none of those red plastic glasses from Pizza Hut of old.

Check out the Used To Be A Pizza Hut blog.

Here’s the article that started my perusal of this topic.


This is what happens when the kitty’s go 8 hours without food. I put some treats on the floor to hold off the hunger while I went to the store to buy more kitty cereal. This was their reaction after they all snorted the treats down like savages.

Look how forlorn. Breaks the heart doesn’t it?

(From upper left and clockwise around. Gladys, Finnigan, Jack, and Edgar).

feeding frenzy