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No Driver No Problem

CeMeGo with New Samson Graphite 49

Well some of you may have heard that my old (purchased in 2012 when they first came out) Korg Microkey 37 died.  It was odd.  I can’t explain why, but I installed the latest Korg USB/MIDI driver for Windows 10 into my computer and the power light on the Microkey went out for the first and only time since 2012.  I tried putting it into multiple computers.  No power.  I spent an entire weekend troubleshooting it hoping I could bring it back. I know it’s crazy to say, but I think Korg’s new driver fried it.  This is very sad.  This was not good timing at all.  At this point I will not be putting ANY Korg hardware into my computer until they have a proper signed certified driver by Windows.

I went out to Guitar Center on Sunday and after going around and around trying to get something portable/small to use for simple keyboard controlling of Ableton. I found this BIG Samson Graphite 49 keyboard on sale USED.  The nice part is, because it was a used keyboard, I got a really good deal on it.  Cheaper than a brand new Microkey37.  It has more keys(49), they are full sized, and it has all these programmable buttons, pads, and knobs (that I really haven’t bothered with at all).  I brought it home, plugged it into the USB, and BOOM ready to play!  This was IDEAL !!!!  No driver, no problem (hence the song title).

I made a song.  Took all day.  Used the Graphite 49 and Ableton for every track, except for 3 small solos with the MicroKrog.  The entire piece was done in 8 tracks.  I created this with a “clip/session” forethought, so I could implement the Novation Launchpad.  As it turns out, I was so handy with making drum patterns with the new Graphite keyboard, I didn’t even bother with the Launchpad.  So I created this using my new learned method of production in Ableton:  Make clips then arrange.  The best part is, when it’s all laid out from the clips, then you can make space for solos and thats where the fun comes in.  You can hear at the end, I kind of just go banging about on the piano part.  It was fun.

Shit I used:

Samson Graphite 49 controller

Ableton Live 9 Studio
Addictive Keys Piano VST
Atmos Piano VST
Cassette 909 Drums VST




This is compiled from sessions recorded in 2016.  Bob and CeMeGo had things scattered all over the hard drives.  It has taken a while to compile all of this together.  Some you may recognize from this blog, others were created and never posted.

Track List

  1. Oh It’s a Harold Budd Start (2:36)
  2. Start The Reactor (3:11)
  3. The Surface (7:07)
  4. Overmodulated M F’er (3:45)
  5. The Big Test (0:52)
  6. A Serious Dialogue (Noise Your Dick Off at 300bpm) (4:24)
  7. Breakfast Project (1:56)
  8. Chob Gives Up (1:14)
  9. Our Own Girls (7:20)
  10. That Darn Delay Thing (4:42)
  11. It Builds to Something Special (3:44)
  12. Chobwahwah (3:57)
  13. Oh It’s a Harold Budd Ending (1:16)


Bob & CeMeGo (and occasional Nguyen Chaney).


Ableton Live (The great learning curve)
Adobe Audition (too useful unfortunately!)
Korg Mini-KP
Korg Kaossilator Pro
Korg MicroKey
Korg MicroKorg
Sony Acid Pro 7
Korg Volca Bass
Korg Volca  Beats
Korg Volca  Keys
Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator PO-12

Click here to download the album in a zip file with cover art (46 megs).

We still don’t make money off of this crap. We do it for fun! The best compensation would be a comment or review right here on this blog again. Chob thanks YOU for your junk!

Just Because…


Another quicky slapped together moment for everyone’s enjoyment (or loathing).

The Jam That Wont Quit! Funk Ola 1 !!!


This was all done on the Korg Electribe Sampler. (I haven’t given it a name yet. It’s labeled as Funk Ola1″ on the Electribe).

The track I made was influenced by the bass line in the following song by Kamasi Washington.

Eighth Release from Hozpitality!!! We’re BACK!

Hozpitality-To Go

Inspired by this quote:

My interest in making music has been to create something that does not exist that I would like to listen to, not because I wanted a job as a musician. I wanted to hear music that had not yet happened, by putting together things that suggested a new thing which did not yet exist. It’s like having a ready-made formula if you are able to read it.

— Brian Eno

Track List

  1. Synchroid Inclusion (2:30)
    CeMeGo “barely” tries to play bass guitar on this one.  This uses the Synchroid phone application for bleep bleep music fun.
  2. Waka Waka (3:41)
    A pre-built rhythm on the Korg Electribe S causes Brian and CeMeGo to break out in a crazy jam.  Brian plays the spooky atmospheric phone app Caustic.
  3. Nicky Anus (3:21)
    MsNeeBo tells the story of what it would be like to be married to a guy named Nicky Anus.  This also happens to be her fictitious hockey player in NHL 2014 for the PlayStation.
  4. The Mean Streets (8:12)
    Another pre-built rhythm on the Korg Electribe S.  Brian does the spooky atmosphere and occaisional melody on the phone app Caustic.  CeMeGo pointlessly mashes pads on the Electribe and Kaossilator.
  5. Hipster Roller Rink (2:43)
    Started as an instrumental track by CeMeGo.  MsNeeBo and Bitchin Bob demanded a vocal.  This was the result.  (BitchinBob channels Fred Schneider).
  6. NDAD (1:30)
    “Neighbors Dogs are Dicks”.  This is an actual recording of the chorus of dog barkings behind MsNeeBo’s house on a lovely fall evening.  This uses the Kruud VST synthesizer/sequencer on the Korg Microkey for quirky melody.  Hang in for the rockin’ break down on the last half of the track.
  7. Jagdeesh Donuts (4:03)
    A Dunkin Donuts in Eldersburg, MD has an annoying order taker with the name “Jagdeesh” who always yells your order back at you.  He’s very aggressive.  MsNeeBo hit the drive thru with a recording device.  Magic ensues with Sweet Tea and Cream Cheese.
  8. Black Friday(Get Behind Me) (3:03)
    This was recorded around Christmas 2013.  MsNeeBo and CeMeGo playing with the magic of synthetically tortured voices on the Kaossilator.  A song about Christmas shopping riots with a rhythmic electronic “bop” for good measure.
  9. Godwins (6:56)
    Heavy distortion lovers rejoice!!  BitchinBob on electric guitar and CeMeGo on bass guitar flailing and reverb/delay smashing.  BitchinBob reveals the true nature of biblical doctrine at the end in “evil satan voice”.  Thought of the day:  “Things that don’t work properly will now become things that DO work properly.” Fortunately “God Wins!”

Bitchin Bob:  Voices, Guitar, Synth, Phone, Tablet, Percussion
CeMeGo: Voices, Bass, Synth, Phone, Percussion
MsNeeBo: Voices, Synth, Percussion
Brian: Synth, Phone

Tools used:
Ableton Live 9 Suite (too complicated!)
A bunch of .VST files (Virtual Studio Technology)
Adobe Audition (too useful unfortunately!)
Caustic (Phone App)
Custom Built Joe Kaufman Fender Stratocaster
Fender Aerodyne Bass
Korg Electribe Sampler 2
Korg Mini-KP
Korg Kaossilator Pro
Korg Kaossilator
Korg MicroKey
Sony Acid Pro 7 (new computer/less crashes)
Synchroid (Phone App)

Click here to download the album in a zip file with cover art (34 megs).

We still don’t make money off of this crap. We do it for pleasure! The best compensation would be a comment or review right here on this blog again. Hozpitality thanks YOU (and your Nicky Anus)!

Guess Who Turns 13 on June 2, 2015?

Gladys Myrna Graybill !!!

gladys 13th birthday

She will be throwing down this evening with her favorite of favorites:

Fancy Feast Appetizers for cats:  Seabass & Shrimp Appetizer in a delicate broth

Fancy Feast Appetizers for cats:  Seabass & Shrimp Appetizer in a delicate broth.

Looks almost good enough for human consumption.  Especially with that luscious mini shrimp there in the middle.



Happy Birthday my Blue Girlfriend!

Song of The Week or Moment (Roy Ayers-The Freaky Deaky)

I would just like to say, we get an excellent bargain here.

Not ONLY do we get THE freaky deaky …


THE fonky donkey..

I mean, what more could you ask for? How about a poll?

Which really does it for ya?

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Can you imagine?

In the words of Big Uncle Joe Biden, “This is a very big fuckin deal, right here.”

Note: The wonderful stylish bathrobe hallway bead outfit Mr. Roy Ayers is sportin. Man is ALL CLASS! Makes Jay-Z look like cheap breakfast cereal.