Black Balls appearing on Key West Beaches (And no its not The Other Tyra…)

It just keeps getting better…

Now that BP/Halliburton/Transocean has turned the Gulf of Mexico into the U.S.’s largest filling station…whats next?  How in the hell is it possible to clean it up?  Where are all those celebrities now?  Why no telethons/text coffers to help our own people clean up this disaster?  What good is having all those jokers appear before a congressional committee right now?  How is it helping the situation?

You know its only a question of time before BP declares bankruptcy and leaves the U.S. holding the bag.   And now it appears that the oil is going to be carried via the loop current in the gulf to the Keys, Miami, the Georgia & Carolina coasts….No need for the cast of the Jersey Shore to get their fake tans from a can any more.  MTV can just film them taking a dip in the waters off of Miami…they will come out with that nice orange/brown glow they seem to thrive in.

Does this mean that I can use gulf seafood now to power my car?  Running low on crude, just throw a couple of gulf shrimps in the tank.  We’ll get at least 20 miles out of em.  (maybe 9 miles if its an SUV)

ctrlZstudio Podcast Numero Uno

Bob on left, Will on right
The table where the first podcast was recorded. Bob on left, Will on right.

Our very first podcast!!  Recorded on May 14, 2010 between 9pm-1:30am.  Don’t worry, it’s only an hour.


  • Our strengths
  • Pointless observations on news things
  • DeCore Tech Support
  • Word Association
  • Random observations
  • Space Weather (the pilot)
  • We discover sound effects work

With Bob Carmody, John DeCore, Chad Graybill, Denise Graybill and Will Harrell

Guests include Mark Pavusik, George Seavers

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