Radio Stations

WMOM:  Music of Magnesia
This is the official radio stream of CtrlZStudio.  Click the link above to access to the server page showing what is playing and what is coming up.  The listen link is on that page (to play in a player) or you can play it right from that page.  This can be played in iTunes (for people who like Apple (fresh fruit)) or it will play on an Android with podcast apps or (recommended)  XiiaLive. Additionally, the WMOM server page is listed below in a frame. You can play it from the play button or click the listen link.

Radio Keneally – All Mike Keneally all the time!!!
Click HERE (ya lousy hippie) to play in WinAmp

8 Bit FM – Electronic Video Game Nerd Music
Click HERE to play in WinAmp

KSDS (Kiss Diss) FM Jazz 88.3 FM San Diego – Best straight up Jazz on the Internet
Click HERE to play in WinAmp

SOMA FM:  Secret Agent Radio – Kick ass spy music
Click HERE to play in WinAmp

WMKV 89.3 FM Cincinnati OH – Old people play old people music from an old folks home
Click HERE to play in WinAmp

SPAM Radio – Have common email spam read to you with computer voice to spacey public domain music
Click HERE to play in WinAmp

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