Atmosthing (and its multiple iterations)

I created this one in Ableton using the Korg MicroKey MIDI controller keyboard.

The haunting Harold Budd piano is the Atmos VST.  The Grand Piano and Bass are stock sounds from Ableton.  These were played in as clips and launched from the Novation Launchpad Pro.  The haunting voices pad was a stock Ableton sound as well, but was played in LIVE in real time in the arrangement (winged it).  Quite happy with this one.  Ties well to the image above.  (Atmosthing1.mp3 was done with a more synthy bass I didn’t like and didn’t have the improvised haunting voices pad).

2/11/2017 UPDATE !!!
OK. I confess, this track is something I am very proud of. I don’t know why but I listen to it a lot. One of the things that bothers me is the volume of the ghostly chorus. It seems to overwhelm the Harold Budd type loop going on from the very start. It seems the calm set up at the very beginning is immediately shattered by the ghostly chorus. I went in and remixed the levels a bit and dropped the chorus back more so you could hear the Harold Budd-type piano loop. Here’s the results.

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