2 thoughts on “SAVE US, GLADYS!!”

  1. GO GLADYS!!!!!

    Gladys is one tough cat. CHUCK NORRIS TOUGH!

    …She literally scares the shit out of the litter box.

    …yarn plays with itself when she walks into the room.

    …she gave a roundhouse kick to a junkyard pit bull and turned it into a yorkie.

    …one time she made a police dog eat one of her fur-balls because he wouldn’t stop barking.

    …she wandered into Madison Square Garden and won Best of Show at the Kennel Club Dog Show

    …The Chinese would never make soup out of Gladys,…she would make soup out of them.

    …Snoop DOGG has a tattoo of Gladys

    ..Gladys walked back and forth across the keyboard one afternoon and actually wrote a best selling novel.

    GO GLADYS!!!!

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