Food Network is for Obsessive Idiot Losers!

The utterly STUPID way he pronounces “mozzarella”, and the typical Gordon Ramsey quotes by Cartman are so typical of stupid Food network shows. Food network shows are for lifeless idiots with delusions of grandeur. Everybody watches an hour of the food network then comes away thinking they’re some god damned culinary artist. Its just plain stupid.

They wont let you embed the actual video of the beginning of Randy Marsh’s Food Network show Cafeteria Fraiche, but you can watch it from this link here:

Highly recommended. Trey Parker is A GENIUS!

2 thoughts on “Food Network is for Obsessive Idiot Losers!”

  1. Gordon Ramsey is a douche bag. The over pronunciation is making fun of that American/Italian bitch who over enunciates everything that is Italian. Its obnoxious as hell. Thank God for PBS’s Create TV, where I can watch real chef’s like Julia Child & Martin Yan, vs those celebutard chefs.

    Food TV is like porn, and its really not for people who cook all the time cause its just not practical or affordable.

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