Air Head Full of Fluff

Well, I am physically useless today.  So I figured I should dust off the old Korg Electribe Sampler since I’ve not used it in eons.  I started fiddling about populating the pads with little sounds and just winging it.  I came up with a few settings I liked.  I found the Electribe has a stock air horn sound that I liked.  Lately I have been hooked on air horns thanks to the YouTube channel Super Deluxe. They use the air horn for such great comedic content, and I figured, “Hey!  Why not!”

Most of this was created on the Electribe.  I used the MicroKorg for a bleepy bloopy wooshy background.  I used the Kaossilator Pro for occasional one hit drum stabs.  I hit record on Ableton and just started dancing around the magic table and this is what I came up with.  Nothing planned, no MIDI, just a good old jam session.  I have little self control for these so I thought I was making a 4 minute wonder and it turned out to be a 13 minute journey.  Enjoy.