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Let’s Meet The Meat!!

Once again, Mark proves that ANYTHING can be grilled or smoked to perfection.  Pork and Chicken-palooza!  Dining at Mark’s, when the grill(s) and smoker are cranked, is what Summer is all about, baby!

I ate my face off this memorial day weekend!  Thanks Mark (and John for excellent sack o salad and chips n dips)!  You’s guysiz da bestist!

Mark's Meat (NOW SMOKED!)
Mark's Meat! MMM MMM Good (Now smoked for your pleasure!)


Lush Lagoon

This holiday weekend, why not try something different then the usual beer while celebrating our nation’s history by blowing pieces of it up with fireworks, and sipping on a cool “Lush Lagoon*.”

*WARNING: Do not attempt to put out drunken firework induced fires with “Lush Lagoon.” Dosing the flames with “Lush Lagoon” may result in death or injury. Ingestion of “Lush Lagoon” may result in death or injury.

Food Network is for Obsessive Idiot Losers!

The utterly STUPID way he pronounces “mozzarella”, and the typical Gordon Ramsey quotes by Cartman are so typical of stupid Food network shows. Food network shows are for lifeless idiots with delusions of grandeur. Everybody watches an hour of the food network then comes away thinking they’re some god damned culinary artist. Its just plain stupid.

They wont let you embed the actual video of the beginning of Randy Marsh’s Food Network show Cafeteria Fraiche, but you can watch it from this link here:

Highly recommended. Trey Parker is A GENIUS!