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Ponzü: The Kitty Vulture

Gladys’s cousin, Ponzü has been stuck in a tree for 3 days.

UPDATE!  Ponzü rescued!
Back on terra firma !!

None of us will forget Ponzü Liberation Day (December 2, 2015) of rejoicing when Ponzü was rescued from the 3 day nightmare in the tree.  VIVE LA PONZüüüü!!!!!!!!!

Ponzü Liberation Day – December 2, 2015
Never Forget!!


Guess Who Turns 13 on June 2, 2015?

Gladys Myrna Graybill !!!

gladys 13th birthday

She will be throwing down this evening with her favorite of favorites:

Fancy Feast Appetizers for cats:  Seabass & Shrimp Appetizer in a delicate broth

Fancy Feast Appetizers for cats:  Seabass & Shrimp Appetizer in a delicate broth.

Looks almost good enough for human consumption.  Especially with that luscious mini shrimp there in the middle.



Happy Birthday my Blue Girlfriend!


This is what happens when the kitty’s go 8 hours without food. I put some treats on the floor to hold off the hunger while I went to the store to buy more kitty cereal. This was their reaction after they all snorted the treats down like savages.

Look how forlorn. Breaks the heart doesn’t it?

(From upper left and clockwise around. Gladys, Finnigan, Jack, and Edgar).

feeding frenzy