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Super What?

I love hockey.  With the season finally underway after coming out of a lockout, the race for the “Stanley Half-Cup*” is on. (My team is living up to their name…”Crapitals” and to be a fan of their’s is like being in an abusive relationship when dickmatized, but that is for another blog posting…)


Hockey Stoner


One bright spot on the “halfie*” horizon was last night’s victory of the Minnesota Wild over the Chicago Blackhawks. While lost in the hype of the upcoming head injury suicide salad, let’s pause a moment to reflect on this NHL victory.  The undefeated 6-0 Blackhawks fell to a team, who last season finished in a position lower then the Crapitals.  (That’s bad.) While the victory is sweet for a state that prides itself on its deep hockey roots, I think its sweet cause the Blackhawks were not able to break the Crapital’s 2011-12 record start of 7-0. Gotta cling to last year’s flowers when holding the steak to your eye right?  At least you’ll never have to suffer through this during an NHL broadcast.  I love hockey.



Who Likes White People?

It’s for reasons such as this video that I personally take issue with white people. Of course she claims its because she is opening for a religious band called “White People Soul Band.” Nice ehy? What if the was a band called “Man on Man Love”?

Commenter Maat922 on you tube says it best: “LOLOL. Oh my god. I would NOT vote for this person to be Mayor of Shitville, population: her.”

How the hell does a lack of God aka Celestial Dictator/Disaster Terrorist/Fiscal Punisher Extraodinare have anything to do with governmental spending?

The very sad part about this is, people actually take this shit seriously and believe every backwards evolved thought out of her mouth.  Scary times we are living in….scary times.