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Farewell Summer of 2012

With summer ending, the Phillies collapsing, and the end of the world coming with the Mayan calendar crap (which is all a load of poop), I figured I should post a connecto pic of a Rehoboth Beach sunset I’ve had lying around my cell phone memory for 4 or 5 months.

Maybe you haven’t noticed, but I am doing some image house cleaning on my cell phone memory chip. Enjoy!

Rehoboth Beach sunset

As always, click the image for the biggy!

Let’s Meet The Meat!!

Once again, Mark proves that ANYTHING can be grilled or smoked to perfection.  Pork and Chicken-palooza!  Dining at Mark’s, when the grill(s) and smoker are cranked, is what Summer is all about, baby!

I ate my face off this memorial day weekend!  Thanks Mark (and John for excellent sack o salad and chips n dips)!  You’s guysiz da bestist!

Mark's Meat (NOW SMOKED!)
Mark's Meat! MMM MMM Good (Now smoked for your pleasure!)


TPBs Take Second in Week 5

Week 5 | March 1, 2012

It was a good night for the Trailer Park Boys!  This week Davey, Xavier, Pat, Eileen (Pat’s sister), Mary, Adriene (Mary’s sister), Mark, John M, and John D showed up to play for the TPBs.

Berlin Wall

The bonus question for round one was “What was called the Anti-Fascist Protection Rampart by it’s builder?” The word “rampart” caused many at the table to start singing the Star Spangled Banner only to realize that they still couldn’t figure out what a rampart was.  After some discussion, we decided that it was part of a fort. (A rampart is a defensive wall.) That lead to our best guess, the Berlin Wall.  With my uncanny ability to rationalize away right answers, I started down the path of thinking that it couldn’t be the Berlin Wall because that was build after the Nazis were defeated in World War II.  So we answered Berlin Wall and wagered no points.  We were one of those teams that had the right answer and couldn’t bring themselves to risk even 5 points on it.  WAH-WAH

We came back to nail the Fast Action Bonus (FAB) at the end of round one which added 35 points to our score!  Pete caught us off guard by putting the answer of the week in a multiple choice question.  We thought he was faking us out, sure that Chrometophobia was the fear of color.  But it turns to be the fear of money.  Excellent dis-tractor, Pete! Another 5 points missed.  Pete came back to get us again in the FAB at the end of round 2 by asking what year the Berlin Wall was built (13 August 1961).

We earned 300 more points and came in second for the week! Starting next week we will have the ability to bet all of our accumulated points for the tournament on the final bonus question which could go along way moving us up the leader board.

Here are the standing as of February 29, 2012:

TNC 1654
Driving Bus To Hell 1275
Nicky’s Friends 1033
Rusty Trumbones 1028
Fortitude 962
Village Idiots 953
Trailer Park Boys 952
Know Nothings 844
Goon Squad 726
Smarty Pants 639
Fred & Company 482
Liars Club 284
Wasted Potential 137
Nancy & Friends 121
Breeders 84
Polar Bear 73
J&J 70



Trailer Park Boys Screw the Pooch!

It’s that time of year again!  The Frogg Pond’s winter trivia tournament is in full swing.  The Trailer Park Boys (Mark P, Pat G, Mary B, John M, Davey K, and John D) started week 5 (of the 16 week tournament) in third place.

This week’s final questions was, “What formula did  pharmacist, John S. Pemberton, invent?” Davey wrote Dr. Pepper so fast we were all impressed.  Everyone felt very confident and the team decided to bet the farm… all of our 281 points.  Unfortunately, the answer was Coca-Cola. Luckily, we get to drop our lowest score.

Come Join Us!

The Trailer Park Boys are always looking for new members to join us on Thursdays at 7pm at the Frogg Pond in Rehoboth Beach, DE.  Pete does an amazing job of coming up with the questions and we manage to have a great time whether we win or lose.

Trivia Starts Again At The Frogg Pond, Rehoboth Beach Delaware! Trailer Park Boys Are Back!

Frogg Pond Logo

As a Noreaster rolls up the coast, we began the Fall Frogg Pond Tournament. We’re down a man. Pat is getting his foot fixed. (Get better soon, damnit! We miss you and need you. We keep missing all the sports questions!)

The Trailer Park Boys — Mark, Davey, Lonnie, and I — crawled out of trailers or trailer-like structures for week 1 of the tournament. There were a lot of new teams. I hope they all had as much fun as we did.

We finished Round 1 with 24/30 points, which is really good. The round one Bonus was a Marilyn Monroe question. So we turned to our resident old fart, Mark, who confidently answered it. He sounded so sure, we bet the farm. But we got it wrong… happens to all of us. Then we only got one answer right on the first f-a-b (fast action bonus). We were up to 5 points and had a bad start to the second round. The funniest question of the night was, “What is the scent put on the fake rabbits that greyhounds chase in a race?” Lonnie shouted out “Monica Lewinsky” so loud that and an older woman two tables away spit mashed potatoes all over her husband. Still makes me giggle.

Mark redeemed himself in round three! He successfully put Burger King, Pizza Hut, Arbys, and Wendys in the correct order from oldest to newest. He held his ground under tough questioning, doubting, and my over rationalizing.

Lonnie and Mark have come up with a new scale for how certain they are. I guess my method of asking if you are 7-sure – meaning you would bet the maximum amount if you could – was too dull. Of course their scale starts with their lowest rating: winked at it on Manhunt. And runs to the highest rating of: I had children with that answer. 2 through 6 are way too graphic to publish and a little gross… well, a lot gross. But kept us cheerful as we came back to answer the BONUS and all the f-a-b questions correctly.

We finished the game strong, because we know not to bet the farm if we aren’t totally in a committed loving relationship with our answer to the final bonus question. I think we’re in 4th place.

Join us for trivia at the Frogg Pond in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware every Thursday night at 7:30. Half price entrees, wine, and the best service in town! We have room on our team for a few more people… Or form your own team and help us try to beat the Village Idiots, Know Nothings, and Four Play.


Chronicles of the Absurd asks “Then Why Am I In The Picture?”

Well the voter’s of the great state of Delaware spoke last night and there to answer the call was their champion Christine O’Donnell. Typically, I could give a shit less what happens in Delaware unless it involves tax free shopping or some time spent with dear friends at the beach, but in this case, I can’t let it slide.

The old “Nuts on the Forehead” or “Tea Bagging” party scored a victory over their Republican counterparts by electing Chrissy to run for the Republican ticket for Joe Biden’s (of all people) seat in the Senate. I watched this morning on some news station thanking Sarah Palin for her victory. Really? Wow. If the Chronicles of the Absurd was having a beauty pageant, she would definitely be first runner up. The reason why for first runner up? She scored low points with the closeted gay judges during the final Q & A round on the masturbation question.

Even Sarah Palin is not stupid enough to answer or even bring up that question, I mean the bitch can see Russia from her house! I just feel sorry for the people of Delaware when their S.A.L.T. leader goes to the Senate and enacts laws that forbid them from touching themselves when with themselves.  And as for an answer to Chrissy’s question at the end of the video,  “If it was not for putting a masturbation piece in front of masses, hiding the Talibanistic Christian Right Wing Bullshit, honey you would not have been elected…that is why you are in the picture bitch!”