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Big Deal !!! Who Cares !!!

Mike O’meara Show – Nitrous Oxide Poops

This was in the “News You May Not Need” section of The Mike O’Meara Show on May 25, 2016. I hope it’s OK to post a clip like this but I just had to because I spit up my soda at the end.

I’ve been listening and subscribing to this show for years and I’m going to start plugging it more with my own clips here since I don’t use bookface.

Go to their site and smarten up!  Ya Shart!

Another example how DC, Maryland and Virginia is the ground zero of stupidity

Well, here we go folks.  The ignorant powers that be, think the Landover Maryland Redskins need yet ANOTHER FOOTBALL STADIUM.  That’s right.  Now MD, VA, and DC are all fighting to get this stadium put in their region….

Read the ignorance

Here’s some more ignorance

scared_imageDC Sucks!

This whole idea is so stupid it makes my head explode.  Is this the freakin twilight zone?

I could not take it.  I left a comment:

YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME?! REALLY?! This area and the NFL (the rape artistes of ignorant fans) need another stadium?? OF ALL THE THINGS THIS AREA NEEDS… we’re going to have ANOTHER STADIUM? This just reinforces the fact that this is the STUPIDEST area in which I have ever lived.

The traffic is so bad here, the taxes are too high, the team sucks (and yes, poorly named, just admit it already), the metro is crumbling and poorly managed, AND WE NEED ANOTHER FOOTBALL STADIUM? Are you people high or is there some secret Kool-Aid you are all drinking that makes this seem charming or even acceptable? (Head in hands). This is truly the absolute STUPIDEST thing I’ve ever heard of for the DC metro region.

Watch. Knowing how ignorant the priorities and planning seem to be here in the DMV, they will put this atrocity (whatever it looks like, another football stadium is an ugly idea) in an area that cant support the traffic and there will be no reasonable public transit near it. And what do we do with fedex field and RFK? How many more useless stadiums need to dot the already messed up landscape of nightmarish sprawl around here?

Folks, this whole idea of ANOTHER football stadium in this area PROVES that this is the dumbest place in the freaking developed world. What next? A public shooting range on the national mall?!? Ahh the DMV… land of entitled and rewarded INCOMPETENCE AND IGNORANCE!!!!

Just look how stupid this thing is. It looks like a stupid noodle bowl. And yes folks, that IS A MOAT around the thing. Can you imagine how that stagnant water would look and smell?
dc stadium0

And even worse, look how delusional this architect views the weather in DC for football. Imagine laying on a fake “moat beach” while a tsunami comes in.  Imagine all the drunk football fans rappelling down the side of the stadium during football games, while drunk fans in roller blades wearing booty shorts and tank tops skate around the stadium in December!  All they need now are aqua-unicorns dancing in the moat.  Was this done by a 5 year old with photo shop?  Clearly SOMEBODY is high on SOMETHING!!!
dc stadium

They should show the above ground metro rail behind it (like down at RFK stadium) whizzing by in flames with people screaming out the windows in agony! That would be more appropriate!  Too late, I did it myself!  HA!

dc stadium1

My GOD this town is a freaking joke!  I can’t believe these images were seriously posted to the Washington Post and CBS.  It’s like an alternate reality of stupidity!

Ponzü: The Kitty Vulture

Gladys’s cousin, Ponzü has been stuck in a tree for 3 days.

UPDATE!  Ponzü rescued!
Back on terra firma !!

None of us will forget Ponzü Liberation Day (December 2, 2015) of rejoicing when Ponzü was rescued from the 3 day nightmare in the tree.  VIVE LA PONZüüüü!!!!!!!!!

Ponzü Liberation Day – December 2, 2015
Never Forget!!


Keep It “Rill” Baltimore!

They be gettin wic welfare n everything else!!!

Ahhh Maryland. So classy. We sure know how to prop up our rich dont we! Then this crap is running wild. Tax me harder Maryland. I love being your bitch!


(AND i’m in love with the commentator… “deuces”)

The Sad State of Caesars Entertainment’s Harrahs Resort in Atlantic City, NJ

Spent the weekend in Atlantic City at Harrah’s Casino/Resort. We got a room at the Harrah’s Marina building. Everything was expensive. The room looked like a bad motel 6.

Here are some of the atrocities.

Hunk of hair weave hair on the floor of our hotel room.  So obviously lazy vacuuming.
Hunk of hair weave hair on the floor of our hotel room. So obviously lazy vacuuming.

The carpet was stained and discolored in so many places, walking around in your bare feet was a disgusting thought. I know what a vomited wine stain looks like. There was a lot of that all over the place

Carpet Stains
Carpet Stains

Another lovely carpet stain
Another lovely carpet stain

The furniture looked like it had not been replaced since the 80’s. The stains on the furniture were so nasty looking, we put towels on the furniture before we sat on it.

Stain on chair.  Looks like someone had to pee really bad.
Stain on chair. Looks like someone had to pee really bad.
Stain on 80's couch.  Once again, looks like  someone had to pee really bad.
Stain on 80’s couch. Once again, looks like someone had to pee really bad.

Even the pictures had stains on the glass framing. So it looks like they cant even spray some windex and wipe down the pictures.

Even the pictures haven't been wiped down.
Even the pictures haven’t been wiped down.

Here is the view from the window in the room. You can look out over Atlantic City, NJ and see Hotel/Casino’s that are closed (out of business) and other Hotel/Casino’s where they may actually properly clean their rooms.

Window View
Window View

This Guy Should Get a Medal for Service to His Country!

… and the smug do goodery comments of the law enforcement in this article, are so transparent and full of PR bullshit, it makes me want to puke!

This boy is a patriot! Give him a medal NOW!


Click for story

He paid restitution to “Xerox State and Local Solutions”.  At least we know our tax sucking corporations wont skip a beat on their crock shit loads of cash flow!

EVIL EVIL EVIL!  Shame on america!