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Mike O’meara Show – Nitrous Oxide Poops

This was in the “News You May Not Need” section of The Mike O’Meara Show on May 25, 2016. I hope it’s OK to post a clip like this but I just had to because I spit up my soda at the end.

I’ve been listening and subscribing to this show for years and I’m going to start plugging it more with my own clips here since I don’t use bookface.

Go to their site and smarten up!  Ya Shart!

Ponzü: The Kitty Vulture

Gladys’s cousin, Ponzü has been stuck in a tree for 3 days.

UPDATE!  Ponzü rescued!
Back on terra firma !!

None of us will forget Ponzü Liberation Day (December 2, 2015) of rejoicing when Ponzü was rescued from the 3 day nightmare in the tree.  VIVE LA PONZüüüü!!!!!!!!!

Ponzü Liberation Day – December 2, 2015
Never Forget!!


Keep It “Rill” Baltimore!

They be gettin wic welfare n everything else!!!

Ahhh Maryland. So classy. We sure know how to prop up our rich dont we! Then this crap is running wild. Tax me harder Maryland. I love being your bitch!


(AND i’m in love with the commentator… “deuces”)

Why Do You Smoke?

Maybe you want to be a cowboy? Maybe you like to litter cigarette butts in the wild west dirt lands? Maybe you like horses? (or in my case) Maybe you have the theme to the Magnificent Seven rolling around in your head?

There are a few video’s here. Just click the forward button to the second one. This is my favorite, because you get to listen to magnificent seven while you watch the guy smoke and look really cool and bossy, then he just pitches his lit cigarette on the ground in disgust! GOD BLESS AMURKA!

1. Christmas in Marlboro country… Holidays aren’t just for booze and overeating anymore. Now you can smoke’m off.
2. My favorite one with bossy litterbug guy, and a very bold rendition of magnificent seven. Like they say, “there’s always time for a break!”
3. Cowboys at sunset. Meh! Looks like brokeback mountain set up.
4. “Morning comes to Marlboro country like the sun does..” (looks great with the coffee and the diabetic old man).
5. Julie London sings to her man in the car about his cigarettes while she drinks coffee from a porcelain cup. Totally believable. She should just shut up and sing my favorite Julie London song, “Hot Toddy”.
6. Heading for the “high?!?!?!” country?!?! what What WHAT?! Good magnificent seven on this one.
7. Where theres a man, there’s a marlboro. Really? Sexist smoking? Look george is a drug pusher. That lady is a MAN! Ralph will be ready to go when he’s done his nic fix.
8. A very touching sappy version of the magnificent seven. This guy is a major f’ing fly fishin loner. He doesn’t even care about grass stains on the ass of his pants when he lounges in the dirt. What a rebel!
9. The Marlboro man sings to you. I guess you can only smoke if you ride horses and work at the crack of dawn. Apparently snow helps too. Wow, roam rhymes with home and home rhymes with roam.

That’s it! Hope you NOW understand why you smoke.

Humpday Heroes

Who doesn’t need a hero to hump? And why does Wednesday never appear in any popular song lyrics? So starting today, this day is for the unsung heroes of this world.  Fuck all the other days of the week, cause on Wednesday you’re a hero!

Today’s hero came to me over this weekend.  Charles Nelson Reilly.

Yes, Charles was a hero on so many levels that if I have to explain it to you, it would cause dizziness, severe cramping, nausea, heat stroke, bloating, premature age spotting, blindness, and dry mouth.


So let’s all raise, whatever it is you raise, one up high tonight for Mr. Reilly.  A tribute to a true American Hero: