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Now a word from our sponsor

“….Hello Mr and Mrs AMERICA and all the ships at sea”
*We’ll be right back with the game but first a word from our sponsor.*

Gentlemen,… how’s your love life? Are you having trouble performing ‘on the mound’? Do you strike out more than Ryan Howard on a hot day in mid-July? Well, if YOUR starting line-up can’t get to first base, just choke up that bat and powder your equipment before the big game with:

“Charlie Manuel’s Medicated Testicle Powder”.


Yes, with one simple application of

“Charlie Manuel’s Medicated Testicle Powder”,

you’ll never have to worry about foul balls again. Charge down the third base line with confidence right into that waiting dugout.You’ll score every time and be the envy of the locker-room when you use

“Charlie Manuel’s Medicated Testicle Powder”.

And don’t forget friends; for unruly, unkempt hair, remember to try
“Chase Utley’s Magic No-Muss, No-Fuss Patented Wildroot Cream”


We now return you to the game.