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CHOB: Our Own Girls !!

our own girls

Bob showed up in North Barfthesda and we educated and learn’t each other to make this thing.

Used:  Volcas, MicroKorg, Kaossilator Pro, MiniKP, Phone

We have made and are making more of the best you have ever heard.  You will have so much more you will ask for no more more. Believe me. Stay tuned.

Super What?

I love hockey.  With the season finally underway after coming out of a lockout, the race for the “Stanley Half-Cup*” is on. (My team is living up to their name…”Crapitals” and to be a fan of their’s is like being in an abusive relationship when dickmatized, but that is for another blog posting…)


Hockey Stoner


One bright spot on the “halfie*” horizon was last night’s victory of the Minnesota Wild over the Chicago Blackhawks. While lost in the hype of the upcoming head injury suicide salad, let’s pause a moment to reflect on this NHL victory.  The undefeated 6-0 Blackhawks fell to a team, who last season finished in a position lower then the Crapitals.  (That’s bad.) While the victory is sweet for a state that prides itself on its deep hockey roots, I think its sweet cause the Blackhawks were not able to break the Crapital’s 2011-12 record start of 7-0. Gotta cling to last year’s flowers when holding the steak to your eye right?  At least you’ll never have to suffer through this during an NHL broadcast.  I love hockey.




So VERY South Philly

Funny thing is… ONCE AGAIN… the thing that makes our neighborhood and city look stupid comes from the burbs (in this case New Jersey).  Is anyone surprised?  REALLY?!  ANYONE!

This guy just LOOKS like the typical, “I’m gonna go into da city once a year, git drunk and beat da crap outta some guy!” person.   Dime a dozen around here.  But just the look ALONE, makes me angry.  (The words “Meat Head”, “Dork McLargioni” come to mind.  Leave any other suggestions in the comments section).

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Thurs Night Trash Talk

Crapitals* are playing a HUGE game tonight against the Flyers.

Remember Craps, the fans are fair game tonight too…Look another Philly “Albino Goomba” has a case of incoherent uneducated verbal diarrhea. Must have eaten another one of those ecol-i laden Cheese steaks…

Chick even steals a big piece of the broken glass! WTF? She gonna cut somebody with that? See you on the sidewalk bitch.

Oh look, here is another grade A goomba trying to take on Domi! DOMI! Guess this guy did not watch or heed Bubble’s warning about Domi…

But wait…it was Domi’s fault! Flyers fans are entitled to act like assholes! They should be able to hurl insults at the other professional players…Or that was the excuse one Philly Flyers fan had to use in front of the judge for his son’s assault charge on another hockey player and even posted this comment: “My son thought it would be okay to attack C. Pronger at a recent Wild game, all because? of Domi’s actions! Thanks Tie, because of you, I had to explain to the judge how it was all your fault for corrupting Andrew! Jerk!”

But never fear Flyers fans…while you are at the game tonight whether you win or lose, these folks will be taking care of your homes and property…

*my team will prob lose, so let me at least have one trash talk post.