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Same Shit Different New Year (Stay Ignorant Philly)

Once again, the racists, bigots, drunks and pill popping unemployed of Philadelphia get a free pass to trash the city in a mummers parade.  Here we go again.  I saw the Caitlyn Jenner bit on TV at the Liberty Bell diner that morning.  As soon as I saw it, I could hear other people in the diner gasping and saying,  “oh, thats a problem”  and “can they do that?”

Ahh Philly.  Land of the bigot.  Hate to post this again, but here’s the passyunk ave fountain in south philly.  Almost looks like a troop of “wenches” or “fancies” or whatever they call drunk racists who get off on dressing like women (rather than confess they aren’t man enough to admit they are gay).

Mummer Bigots
Look at the mummers doing a mini show by the Passyunk Avenue fountain.

It’s time for Philadelphia to do the right thing and end this parade, or open it to the general public (minimizing the affect of the racists “mummers” spectacle). Besides, no one cares or even knows what a “mummer” means (even the idiots that do it don’t know and cant explain it).

Gay Pride Reality Check

“Gay” is a sexuality.

IT’S THE WAY YOU HAVE SEX! It’s not dressing as a woman and lip syncing.  It’s not dance music.  It’s not spending money on frivolous travel and fashion and bullshit.

It’s HOW YOU FUCK!  That’s it!  All this other stuff is just bullshit.

I think gay pride sends the wrong message to people who feel they might be gay, but don’t enjoy dance music or drag queens or all that bullshit.  This could cause someone to be ashamed or offended by their own sexual identity.  What about the people who do not enjoy that bullshit and do not appreciate being represented by these popular culture “gay” things (drag queens, dance music, consumerism).


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Ya know what? I can’t stand Beyonce (formerly Bouncy)

There! I’ve said it! Hate that woman and whatever crappy music/vocal style she’s trying to pull off.

This video was recommended by Nguyen Cha-Ney.

This is a video of Bouncy singing the national anthem with bad lip reading (Visit Bad Lip Readings YouTube page.  It is hilarious).  She sings LIKE EVERY STUPID R&B SINGER OUT THERE.

Some people would say:  “She’s singing ALL the notes!”

This is funny stuff.