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The Second CHOB Album Has (Crash) Landed!

Chob-Chob II Cover

The triumphant return of the Hozpitality spin-off, Chob. Pushing the limits, of their former ambient/sound painting foundation, Chob incorporates more rhythms and sonic textures of radiance, and sinister darkness. Dive into the sea of exploration with the sonic exploitation of Chob II.

Track List

  1. Morning Fog on The Docks (5:18)
  2. Some Fussypooting (3:28)
  3. Organstwa (3:53)
  4. Sub Marine (5:26)
  5. Somethingness (5:29)
  6. Calculated Mechanations (3:55)
  7. Some of These Days (2:31)
  8. Metrocentric (3:13)
  9. The Stampede of Legislature (1:57)
  10. Pelvic Thrust (2:13)
  11. Evening Mist on The Pier (2:10)


Bitchin Bob: Guitar, Synth, Phone, Tablet, Percussion
CeMeGo: Bass, Synth, Phone, Percussion
Brian: Synth, Phone

Tools used:

Ableton Live 9 Suite (too complicated!)
Adobe Audition (too useful unfortunately!)
Caustic (Phone App)
Custom Built Joe Kaufman Fender Stratocaster
Fender Aerodyne Bass
Korg Electribe Sampler 2
Korg Mini-KP
Korg Kaossilator Pro
Korg Kaossilator
Korg MicroKey
Sony Acid Pro 7
Synchroid (Phone App)

Click here to download the album in a zip file with cover art (39 megs).

We still don’t make money off of this crap. We do it for pleasure! The best compensation would be a comment or review right here on this blog again. Chob thanks YOU (and your Somethingness)!

DEBUT Release from Hozpitality Ambient Spin-Off: CHOB!

CHOB = Chad and Bob.  


I had this idea, which came from the first track on this album, to create more music that sounds like the following:

  • Ambient
  • Space
  • Chill
  • New Age
  • Lullaby Channel
  • Massage music
  • Sound Collage
  • “Hold that chord and wait for a record contract”
  • and Atmosphere

Bob and I have many years of exposure to this type of music and thoroughly enjoy it as a unique and special artform.  We wanted to make some music that didn’t start from or required a rhythm section.  To be honest, there are a few drum tracks on this album, but they were intentionally moved to the back of the mix to make room for the sonic palette on display for these tracks.  There is no mistaking the quality of the sounds in the musical toys/instruments we use, and we wanted to have fun putting these on display a little more.

So there are no vocals/lyrics, and there’s not a lot of “hot driving dance beats”.  This is more of an exploration of the sonic “colour” in our heads and our devices.  The first track, “Egyptian Forward”, was the inspiration to start this journey.  To make a bookend, a portion of “Egyptian Forward” was segmented and shortened.  The left channel of this track was reversed while the right side moves in a forward direction, hence the title “Egyptian Crossing”.  (I personally loved the original track so much I thought it sounded good backwards too!)

Never enough credit goes to Bitchin Bob for editing genius, insight/perspective, and laughs o’plenty.  I swear we both learn more about the tools of this trade every time we do this stuff.  Learning has never been so much fun!

Track list:

  1. Egyptian Forward (3:23)
  2. From The Treetop (7:49)
  3. Pur Heaven (4:37)
  4. Dinosaur Suite (6:29)
  5. Egyptian Crossing (1:28)

Tools used:

  • Korg Kaossilator Pro
  • Korg Kaossilator
  • Korg Mini-KP
  • Adobe Audition (“What?  Are we crashing now?”)

Click here to download a .zip file of the album in .mp3 format including cover art. (24 megs)**

** You can’t charge money for this much fun, and it truly is fun making this stuff. As always, the best compensation for this effort would be any sort of comment left here on this blog. CHOB thanks YOU (because your comments are Pur Heaven).

NEW! BIG NEWS!  Hozpitality fans have a reason to live.  The follow up to Hozpitality’s 5th album Toddler Sized Shark Cage is coming SOON!  REMAIN CALM!

I Got A New “Busy Box”!

It’s the red version of the Korg Kaossilator. What is different, other than the color, is it’s primary function. The Kaossilator is a Dynamic Phrase Synthesizer (or sound MAKER). The Kaoss Pad (also known as the MiniKP) is a Dynamic Effect Processor (or sound mutilator). So basically, I can make sounds now and then torture them with effects! This provides hours of entertainment and makes what would normally be a repetitive loop a little more exciting with trippy spaced out effects.

Here’s a 5 minute sample song I created. I went through countless different effects tricks on this track so you may have to listen to all of it to hear some of the possibilities. This is only a small fraction of what the combination of these devices can do for someone completely devoid of music performance talent such as myself.

Check it out!

Hozpitality-Hot Fruit. The First Album (2010)

Once again, the first Hozpitality album is available but now with resized artwork and fully implemented mp3 tags (for you iTunes (barf) and iPod (fool) users).  This had been completely posted and written up on an early blog that I have since stop using.  Instead of sending pointless sheep-like traffic to that site, I’ll just offer a better, new improved write up here:

It’s here! The first album from the long awaited release that started it all, sometime before anyone gave a shit (and they still may not), by the progressive avant garde musical collective known as Hozpitality!

Hozpitality is a collective of “non-musical” or “wanna-be talented” people playing music, tweaking knobs, and making sound with any tools at hand. It’s a very spontaneous effort. We have been making recordings like this for some time. The original “album” of material was finished the previous year (2009) with the creation of the “Paper Plate Blues” album which guested some wonderful vocal talents by Liz Keglovits. Sadly, the masters of this album were lost with a hard drive failure.

THIS TIME, Hozpitality met in creative reverence to lay down some bitchin’ tracks, and actually back them up this time. The credits on this album titled “Hot Fruit” consists of:

CeMeGo: Production, noise, auto-tuning, voices, and junk
Denise: Loops suggestion, voices, chanteuse, words, lyrics
Bitchin Bob: Production, guidance, voices, general dream cheekiness
Theatreshmuck: Trumpets, voices, lyrics, tolerant of the creative process
Count Samula: General silliness and suggestions

Track List:

  1. Buffalo Bites (0:08)
    This album was conceived as a sort of half hearted attempt at a song cycle.  Our interpretation of this was to include some sort of running theme or snippet throughout the album to give it some sort of consistent sneakiness.  In this sense, a lot of our lyrics were read from the same local Chinese delivery menu.  Denise provides the haunting introduction to the album.
  2. Good Flavor (1:34)
    Apologies to Bob for my obsession with timpani.  One of the subtitles for this album would be “how to use AutoTune without reading the manual”.  A lot of the material on this album was nothing more than random doodling of AutoTuned sounds with a music bed.  Give it up for the “red bean paste”.
  3. Whole thing As It Is Pick and Shit (0:55)
    Tape doesn’t “fall on the floor” in album production anymore, you are simply left with one big digital audio file that has all the mis-takes and stuff you couldn’t use.  Here is 55 seconds of it, in case you wondered what that sounds like.  (The title is the actual raw file title.  I left it alone as I thought it summed up the track perfectly).
  4. Take Out (3:03)
    This track was mostly Denise and CeMeGo with some Theatreshmuck. Once again, auto-tune experiments with the Good Flavor delivery menu. Theatreshmuck read off some poem of some sort, but it’s hard to make out as our lack of skills with AutoTune just destroys his track (sorry). I personally have an affection with stupid openings and endings to tracks. The end of this one is OVER THE TOP with Denise evilly whispering “Buffalo Bites” and the jews harp and banjo backing to “Sweet Potatoes”, adding in (of course) the urban ethic rappings at the end. Too much of not enough!
  5. Sesame Seed (1:06)
    Beans!  Sing along.  It’s easy.  The end just sounds like the tape ran out.  Ha!
  6. Street Vendor (4:12)
    THE HIT SINGLE WITH A BULLET! I think it was agreed by everyone involved in this Hozpitality outing, that Street Vendor is THE TRACK.  Bitchin Bob said, “The only problem with this track is that you are slave to that powerful opening rhythm.”  Because I am not one to give up, and also because my creativity runs like a train wreck, we made this song into 3 movements.  Denise thought it to be the soundtrack for a big city urban street vendor’s daily routine.  The beginning of the song sounded like his 9 to 5 drudgery, and the ending movements sounds like a respite from a hard day’s work.  The fun part about this track is that a lot of the traffic noise is recorded right outside my stupid South Philly apartment window.  Apparently the cam records audio as well, and I had the cam’s audio channel open by accident and captured some horn blowing, screaming, and drunken arguing from the people across the street.  Worked perfectly!  The trumpet is Theatreshmuck playing from the kitchen because our microphone sucked and distorted.  I played around with some double tracking on the trumpet to give it that Jon Hassell third world feel.  A “high water mark” for the album.
  7. Prime Rib (1:21)
    One of the tracks of the original Hozpitality album that wasn’t lost to the hard drive failure.  (We will forever miss Goth Roller Rink, *sigh*).  Just makes you think how the first album may have sounded doesn’t it.  (Or not).
  8. P in da M (2:09)
    “Now THAT’S a picnic!!!”   Thank you Ally for letting us turn your commercial outing into an expose of sexy funky groovy R&B.  Now go visit the Ceresville Mansion website so we don’t feel so bad about spewing our Dirty Mayonnaise all over this commercial.
  9. Shoedini Project 1 (1:39)
    This was created after showing this video to a bunch of silly people in the apartment.  We immediately took the audio of the video and chopped it into little pieces and laid a funky beat over top.  I think even Gilbert Gottfried would be pleased.
  10. Coda (0:30)
    Did you fall asleep during the album?  Get knocked out?  Don’t have enough time?  Here’s a 30 second recap of the whole album (with Bitchin Bob doing monk voices in the background).

Tools used:

Antares AutoTune VST
Sony Acid Loops
Adobe Audition (blah!)
A crappy microphone I have since thrown in the garbage

Click here to download a .zip file of the album in .mp3 format including cover art. (17 megs)**

** We don’t make money off of this crap. We do it for fun! The best compensation would be a comment or review right here on this blog. Hozpitality thanks YOU (and your sexy Hot Fruit)!

Hozpitality – The Second Album (2011)

The second album from Hozpitality. This one was hustled into production from the overwhelming popularity of the first album. It was short so it was called an e.p. (which is short for extended play. It is a musical recording which contains more music than a single, but is too short to qualify as a full album or LP). Oddly enough it is slightly longer than the first album. Hozpitality once again keeps you on your toes!

This album lovingly includes the “Tuffy Goosewich Suite”.  These were songs that were created using samples from the The Conet Project-Recordings of Shortwave Numbers Stations.  These samples were used in conjunction with Sony Acid Studio to make some sort of musical ambient sensation of subtle mystery and freakishness.

The name Tuffy Goosewich is a misspelling of the Phillies Minor League Baseball player “Tuffy” Gosewich, who was being profiled in the news at the time of the creation of these tracks.  His likeness has been lovingly distorted on the album cover.  There is no reason for this association other than it being a funny sounding name (poor guy).  Nobody should take offense to this use, as there is no malicious intent… get over it!  The way things are on the Internet these days, there is a chance this could actually make the guy more famous (if his name wasn’t so damned funny).

Track List:

  1. Tuffy Goosewich Suite(Bob Version 1) (1:46)
    Bitchin Bob’s shot at the suite.
  2. Property Patch Whore (2:12)
    Denise and CeMeGo reminisce about a night at a bar where a bunch of motorcycling whore’s come to get drunk and beat the crap out of each other.
  3. Tuffy Goosewich Suite(Chad Version 1) (1:19)
    CeMeGo’s attempt at the Tuffy suite.
  4. I’m Gonna Put This on My iPhone (2:39)
    CeMeGo hates the iPhone (guest starring Loretta Lynn and Conway Twitty) (2:39)
  5. Here Kitty Kitty(Daddy n Meez Gonna Cum) (3:29)
    A family affair on the phone (where most of these take place).  Gladys is not amused!
  6. Tuffy Goosewich Suite(Chad Version 2) (1:54)
    Funny how radio noise can break down into something completely musical and misdirected at the same time.
  7. Albino Goomba (2:41)
    Need a catch phrase?  Hate everyone including yourself? This is the song for you!  If you make a t-shirt out of any of these phrases, please contact us for a good laugh!  (Language not suitable for children or anyone with rational thought).
  8. Tuffy Goosewich Suite(Dirty Mayonnaise Finale) (1:26)
    A grand finale collaboration where the radio noise becomes the musical notes.  If digital audio needed a razor blade to cut tape, this song’s creators would all have bled to death.

Tools used:

Sony Acid Loops
Adobe Audition (blah!)
Olympus Digital Voice Recorder WS-600S
Radio Shack Voice Memo Recorder

Click here to download a .zip file of the album in .mp3 format including cover art. (17 megs)**

** We don’t make money off of this crap. We do it for fun! The best compensation would be a comment or review right here on this blog.  Hozpitality thanks YOU (and Your Dirty Mayonnaise)!

NEW (third) ALBUM from HOZPITALITY (2012)

The third album from electronic masturbatory manipulators Hozpitality, brings 9 selections of mind blowing electronic music for your amusement. Personnel includes: Denise, Cemego, Bitchin Bob, Kevin, Theatreshmuck, and Count Samula.

Hozpitality-Expressway To Your Anus

Track list:

  1. Buy Now Viagra Cialis (2:30)
    Spam never sounded so sexy.
  2. Where’s My Medicine? (6:27)
    Bob asks the age old question.  For when the pain, the itching, and the inflammation starts.
  3. Cemego One (8:14)
    New instruments, new experiment.  This was an initial stab at dynamic phrase synthesis.
  4. Hey Yahhh (4:16)
    Works really good with a video collage from the TV show Intervention.  (See Denise for site reference).
  5. Expressway To Uranus (6:08)
    All aboard for the title track!!  Tickets please!  (Watch your step!)
  6. Requiem For A Post Holiday Wednesday (for Gamera) (9:17)
    How to sound close to Stevie Nicks’ Stand Back, without trying.
  7. Kevin and Mary (3:29)
    Allow this tune to vaporize into your grey matter while Mary inevitably plays Nintendo.
  8. Deep Fissures (2:22)
    Chugging up like a train, to a bouncy sound about a crevasse.  When they ask, say “no way!”
  9. Burp A Burp of Liquid Dynomite (1:13)
    Burpy and explosive conclusion to your travel down the Expressway to Uranus.

Tools used (with links):

Click here to download a .zip file of the album in .mp3 format including cover art. (40 megs)**

** We don’t make money off of this crap.  We do it for fun!  The best compensation would be a comment or review right here on this blog.  Hozpitality thanks YOU (and Uranus)!

ANOTHER New Track from Hozpitality..

Tonite, Bob and I smashed together another masterwork of audio material.  This is the next hit on the new landmark Hozpitality album.

Broken IPhone

This one is called, “I’m Gonna Put It On My Iphone”

Click here to get your hot and juicy mp3 copy of Hozpitality-I'm Gonna Put This On My IPhone.mp3      


CtrlZStudio Podcast Numero Duero!!

Sorry folks this was a week late in posting.  I had to listen to the whole thing the whole way through and clean it up!

Here it is in all it’s glory:

  • More angst toward BP
  • space weather that matters
  • chicken news
  • rehomo update
  • phone a friend
  • ctrlzstudio cafeteria menu
  • Hans and conspiracy theories
  • and tons of audio stupidity and silliness for your enjoyment.

Sound quality is ‘eh… so so’ but … the point is there (whatever that may be).

In summary, listen to a recording of a bunch of people having a good time bullshitting.

Podcast participants this time are:  Bitchin Bob, Chad, Mysterious Denise, South Philly Sammy, Will, Mark ‘the meat whisperer’, Birthday Brenty, Johnny D, and Glorious Greg.

Click here     
to get it!

ctrlZstudio Podcast Numero Uno

Bob on left, Will on right
The table where the first podcast was recorded. Bob on left, Will on right.

Our very first podcast!!  Recorded on May 14, 2010 between 9pm-1:30am.  Don’t worry, it’s only an hour.


  • Our strengths
  • Pointless observations on news things
  • DeCore Tech Support
  • Word Association
  • Random observations
  • Space Weather (the pilot)
  • We discover sound effects work

With Bob Carmody, John DeCore, Chad Graybill, Denise Graybill and Will Harrell

Guests include Mark Pavusik, George Seavers

Click here