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WMOM: Music of Magnesia

CeMeGo… It Alone (First Solo Album)

CeMeGo... It Alone

Well, here it is. This really isn’t a new album exactly. It’s more of a collection of things, doodles, and some seriously intentional music that I had made all by my little self. Most of this stuff is posted on this blog, but NOT ALL OF IT. This album compiles everything I’ve done on my own that I found worthy to put together in an album offering. The interesting part is some of this stuff dates back to 2013. I have acquired a lot more equipment, moved a lot, learned a lot, repaired a lot, failed a lot, but at least had fun along the way (with frequent backups).  I just bought another piece of equipment that may change everything a bit (Novation Launchpad) and I wanted to compile everything I did personally up to this point and put it in an album.


Song List and commentary (Also known as “liner notes” because I miss the day of vinyl record album sleeves):

  1. Charging Ahead, Blindly (1:56)  This was formerly named wowneewow project.  I have no idea why.
  2. Red Box Hotty (3:33)  I have always loved this track and it managed to slip off of all the CHOB and Hozpitality albums.  It’s a drum loop from the Kaossilator tortured lovingly through the Mini KP (red box) effects unit.  This is reminiscent of Brian Eno’s Over Fire Island track (in my opinion at least).
  3. Blinkin Asteroid (3:48) This was inspired by Brian Eno and Karl Hyde’s song The Satellites.
  4. Arpeggiate Your Ass Off 1 (3:30) Behold the power of the MicroKorg Arpeggiator.
  5. Rain Keys (2:49) Someone left the Harold Budd record in the oven and it melted.
  6. Funkola (4:33) Inspired by a million repeated listens to Kamasi Washington’s, “The Epic” album.
  7. Arpeggiate Your Ass Off 2 (4:09) Because one of these was simply not enough for me.  You get to decide which you like better (or not).
  8. I’m Keeping This (This One is Mine) (4:14) Selfish little robot voice.
  9. Out of Sync (5:25) Rhythm was never my strong suit but I try.
  10. The Stinky Finger Boogie (4:59) This was paired with an animated GIF of Donald Trump pointing his finger nearly rhythmically in time.  Inspired by the GIF not by the “man” himself.
  11. Out of Time (6:48) Companion piece to Out of Sync.  Pick a winner.
  12. Volca Waves (11:40) I feel that this is one of my best stabs at doing something melodic and “mellow”.  It is one of my favorite experiment results.  Love this.
  13. The One Measure Masturbatory Jam (3:38) This one barely made the cut.  It is a bunch of instruments piled on one 16 beat measure then subtly (or not) altered throughout its’ repetition.  Patience and a keen ear are required to understand its’ purpose and existence.
  14. Bruford Gives Up (0:43) A silly tribute to one of the best drummers in music, Bill Bruford, who was always really great with the tuned percussion.   This sounds like him just flailing about and saying “to hell with it”.  It makes me laugh.
  15. Fugue U (10:54) A fugue piled up like a mile high jenga tower.  Collapse eminent.
  16. Wooda Womp El Grande (9:27) This title came from the sound of this song.  Part march, part hat dance, part goose step.
  17. The Black Keys Thing (12:23) Played on all the black keys because, why not.
  18. Jamola Number Three (14:23) Obviously Jamola Number One and Two just weren’t worth it.
  19. Those Three Notes (9:26) An experiment built on three notes.
  20. Behringer Mixer’s Last Stand (So Long Sucker) (0:16)  This may be the very last recording done on my old Behringer mixer.  At this point it had become so caked with dust, it had to warm up a good 10 minutes after power up.  It became an investment of frustration and canned air.  The hiss and uncontrollable distortion were a disaster at the end.  New Audio Interface now in operation (THANK GOD!).

Here’s the 110 meg zip file of all the tracks and the cover!  Enjoy!

And as always, like Todd Rundgren said, “Yer gonna wanna get out yer headphones, cause they’re really gonna help ya on this one.”

UPDATED!!! Novation LaunchPad Pro + Ableton + Rush = High Mystic Water Rhythms

Rush Cartoon
So I bought a Novation Launchpad Pro for Christmas (From me to me). This is a controller for digital audio software (mostly Ableton). I have always complained about the learning curve in Ableton and how it does things differently. Well, seeing that it IS an industry standard in an industry I lovingly call my “hobby”, I decided to invest in the software and force myself to learn it. This device helps that learning and makes understanding of it a lot easier.

Novation LaunchPad Pro

I have started stealing drum sounds from Neil Peart (from Rush) and using them as my drum foundations on this project. These drum sounds and the riff are respectfully sampled from the song by Rush titled “High Water” (from the album “Hold Your Fire”). Admittedly, the groove/shuffle of the original drum pattern are lost a bit as I quantized it. It made it more robotic and less human which I think adds to it in an odd way. I called my version “High Water Pants” “High Mystic Water Rhythms”.

This is my first second stab at this, so be gentle. I am amazed at the simplicity and power of all of this technology and my mind has been blown multiple times in the past 48 hours. I’m in love with this stuff.

Check out my first  second shot at a LaunchPad Pro mix with Ableton. Not too shabby. Take special note of the groovy drum solo break in the middle. I’m so nifty! 🙂


I have decided that one Rush song was not enough to destroy, so I also diced up Mystic Rhythms and added a whole new segment mixing the drums from this song along with the song mentioned above (High Water).

I’m sure Neil Peart will be completely pissed, but I am learning a lot and having fun!  Let’s face it.  The man’s drum sounds, sound awesome! I basically sampled each of his drum sounds separately (to a very short wav file), then assigned each drum (wav file) to a button, then wailed away on the pads and tried to make my own drum patterns out of HIS sounds. I  put another nifty drum solo type break near the end.  THIS IS JUST TOO MUCH POWWWWWERRRRR! I’m blowing myself away here!

With or Without Doobies?

Bob and I took to MicroKorg and Monotron respectively, and improved the Doobie Brothers. The results are just incredible…. MY GOD we’re good.

Here we are WITH the Doobies…

Here we are WITHOUT the Doobies (SUBSTANTIALLY betterrrrr…)

Which is betterrrrrr?

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Hozpitality – EpiPen

EpiPen and Peanut at candle light dinner

Funky 70’s TV Bumper Music: Evening/PM Magazine Theme

Evening/PM magazine logo

If you are old enough you will remember this theme.  I mixed it together with really bad audio bits from youtube.  The opening theme is sewn up with the ending synthesizer funky theme.  As a “bonus” (I guess) it reprises the opening at the end.

I just heard this out of the blue and remembered how funky it was.  Crank dat shit (in the middle at least).

CHOB: A Serious Dialogue

serious dialogue

Still at it! You were warned!

It can’t get much better than this at this point. This was seriously considered as a viable song, then we just gave up and moved the BPM up to 300 just to see how it sounded. We went to IHOP for breakfast at 4pm and came back and finished this. I blame IHOP !!


    1. North Korean news anchors
    1. A young Arnold Schwarzenegger
    1. Jim Bakker
    1. A Cattle Auctioneer
    1. And a guy teaching Algebra
  •       Anonymous Montgomery County Maryland Police Officer

CHOB: Our Own Girls !!

our own girls

Bob showed up in North Barfthesda and we educated and learn’t each other to make this thing.

Used:  Volcas, MicroKorg, Kaossilator Pro, MiniKP, Phone

We have made and are making more of the best you have ever heard.  You will have so much more you will ask for no more more. Believe me. Stay tuned.

Big Build Up. Fugue You!

Fugue You!

This is a bit I made called “Fugue You”.  Let us now define the “Fugue”.  There are two definitions.  First one musical, the second one psychiatric.

Fugue, [fyoog], noun
  1. In Music. a polyphonic composition based upon one, two, or more themes, which are enunciated by several voices or parts in turn,subjected to contrapuntal treatment, and gradually built up into complex form having somewhat distinct divisions or stages of development and a marked climax at the end.
  2. In Psychiatry. a period during which a person suffers from loss of memory, often begins a new life, and, upon recovery, remembers nothing of the amnesic phase.

Either of these definitions seem appropriate.  I thought the image above suited the musical concept the best.  At least this is how I felt while performing it, with middle fingers everywhere.

There is a four note simple melody that was banging around my head from The New Deal song Navidrome.  I reproduced this as best I could on the Volca Bass (at the very beginning), then just built crap on top of it.  The final turned out to be 10 and some minutes (originally 12… I deleted some off the top before I was done).

Geek Notes (All are Korg products unless noted):

  • Volca Bass does the 4 note bass melody at the beginning and throughout.
  • Volca Beats carries the beat the whole time.
  • Volca Keys is played live then eventually I give up and sequence it.  It provides that Moog Modular mono sound that solo’s over top of the mess and finishes the song.  For those of you scoring at home, Volca Keys has it’s own delay/reverb effect used heavily in this song.
  • Kaossilator Pro is (once again) the master clock used for looping MicroKorg sounds (poorly) and provides some studio drums near the end that go out of timing for unexplainable reasons (so I fade them under the mess).  I apologize for the stumbling around with the MicroKorg arpeggio near the front of the song.  I need more arms and hands.  This was looped (safely thankfully) into the Kaossilator then NEVER TOUCHED AGAIN.  This, unfortunately, is how I work with the Kaossilator looper in my rig at this point.  I need to figure this crap out a little better.
  • MicroKorg provides some soloing and (as usual) bitchin’ arpeggios.  There’s also some neat techno metal noise arpeggio  on the MicroKorg that goes kling klang ping pong pang in there that I thought was cool.
  • MiniKP (red box) provides reverb (setting 62) on most MicroKorg sounds.
  • Tempo is a BPM of 80.

Let’s play the game, “see if you can hear Chad screw up in 10.5 minutes”.

“Did you hear it?”


“All right Janet!”

Mike O’meara Show – Nitrous Oxide Poops

This was in the “News You May Not Need” section of The Mike O’Meara Show on May 25, 2016. I hope it’s OK to post a clip like this but I just had to because I spit up my soda at the end.

I’ve been listening and subscribing to this show for years and I’m going to start plugging it more with my own clips here since I don’t use bookface.

Go to their site and smarten up!  Ya Shart!

Volca Waves


Since I did the (Overmodulated) Jamola Number 3 yesterday and left out the Volca Beats, I thought I would do one real quick INCLUDING the Volca Beats.

Here’s a bit called Volca Waves. It started as an atmospheric “hearts of space” thing and then I decided to put the driving Kaossilator studio drums in the middle. I admit everything is a little “make it up as you go”. Lately I haven’t been really arranging anything. I’ve been striving to do things without any arrangement and just spew it out live. This was the reason for the little errors throughout. I have been trying to learn the “one man band live experience” by playing everything live in real time with little to no preparation. There are some things done ahead of time. Obviously the sequences and SOME selection of sounds are done in advance of pressing the record button. I have literally been writing MicroKorg presets I like on scrap paper to remember them. But I will admit, that a lot of times, I start swaying in time and stabbing a setting with my finger and biting my lip as I hit a key. Results can be bad, some can be good. You, the listener, get to hear BOTH the good and the bad which is my gift to you.

Either way here are the geek notes:

  • Kaossilator Pro is master clock, studio drums, a string chord and an arppegio.
  • Volca Beats has a simple electronic drum sequence that I build up along the way.
  • Volca Keys plays the main melody loop.
  • Volca Bass has 3 bass lines that chain together. The first one starts alone.
  • MicroKorg does the atmosphere and solo strings through the MiniKP (red box) with heavy delay.
  • Tempo is a BPM of 56.

Hope you find it interesting.

PS Thanks to those who bother to comment. It means a lot and it makes having this blog worthwhile. I dont want to use facebook for this, because if one of these little bits IS really good, I would prefer to own the rights to it (which wouldn’t be the case if I posted them to facebook).