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Automation Eludes Me, So I’m Out of Sync & Out of Time

cat psychedelic 6 keyboard

Two slapped together bits.

The first experiment uses a repeated note on the Volca bass then the LFO rates and intervals are tweaked manually.  It creates a skippy bass pattern that I noodle with using the Cutoff knob.  The Volca beats is playing some random pattern in one of the 8 memory slots.  It’s a bit Out of Sync although everything is at 97bpm.  Once again the Kaossilator Pro is the timekeeper and does some little loops.  The MicroKorg does solo arpeggio notesy padsy crap on top of the whole mess.

The second experiment messes with the MicroKorg patched through the Mini KP (red box) to add a third hand in holding notes/arpeggios.  Problem here is ANYTIME I use the tape delay effect on the red box (which I love) things, level wise, get really out of hand.  They literally run away from me.  With the levels getting so high, as they run away from me, I sometimes fall Out of Time on the track (also 97bpm).

So here we are… Experimenting again.  Reason?  Because it’s fun!

And for interactivity sake, which do you prefer?

Out of Sync or Out of Time?

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New $20 Ideas

Here are some fresh “inclusive” ideas for the screwing over of Andrew Jackson and our history. Vote for one below.

20 snoop
Spend a Twizzle my Nizzle
JJ 20
This 20 is DYNO-MIYEEET!
20 george jefferson
WEEZY!! Who spendin my 20?!?
20 marion barry
20 dolla will keep it weel for Ward 8! That bitch set him up!

Which should be the new $20

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Candidates considered as an afterthought:

  1. Rerun from Whats Happening
  2. Shirley Q. Liquor
  3. The complex and multitalented Miss Latoya Jackson.
  4. The “Aint nobody got time for that! I got bronchitis” lady.
  5. Nell Carter
  6. Oprah

If you can think of anymore, leave them in the comments.  I may get to them and start a whole new round of polling.  I could make a whole separate poll for the ladies.  We could nearly consider this to be the “primary”.

Gay Pride Reality Check

“Gay” is a sexuality.

IT’S THE WAY YOU HAVE SEX! It’s not dressing as a woman and lip syncing.  It’s not dance music.  It’s not spending money on frivolous travel and fashion and bullshit.

It’s HOW YOU FUCK!  That’s it!  All this other stuff is just bullshit.

I think gay pride sends the wrong message to people who feel they might be gay, but don’t enjoy dance music or drag queens or all that bullshit.  This could cause someone to be ashamed or offended by their own sexual identity.  What about the people who do not enjoy that bullshit and do not appreciate being represented by these popular culture “gay” things (drag queens, dance music, consumerism).


Is this a sensible, fair, and valid argument?

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Honesty and Openness DO take place in politics (only when the Mic is off)

I have always been sort of Love/Hate with Obama.  Today I saw an article that made me fall in love with him all over again.  Apparently they (asshole media) left the MIC on after one of his speeches and Obama was so frustrated he was doing a little off the cuff riffing on the current budget situation.  Apparently he was really annoyed with asshole Republican Paul Ryan claiming that he is the new “American Accountant”.  Obama’s response was COMPLETELY ON POINT (and new and improved… now with the up till now MISSING Democratic Balls..)

“When Paul Ryan says his priority is to make sure, he’s just being America’s accountant … This is the same guy that voted for two wars that were unpaid for, voted for the Bush tax cuts that were unpaid for, voted for the prescription drug bill that cost as much as my health care bill–but wasn’t paid for,” Obama reportedly said.

This made me fall in love with Obama all over again because Paul Ryan is a total dick head.

To read the whole article that pissed me off and made me fall in love with Obama again, click here.

Thank God!  Obama woke up today, reached down his underwear and found his balls.  Let’s hope Harry Reid does the same!