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Farewell Summer of 2012

With summer ending, the Phillies collapsing, and the end of the world coming with the Mayan calendar crap (which is all a load of poop), I figured I should post a connecto pic of a Rehoboth Beach sunset I’ve had lying around my cell phone memory for 4 or 5 months.

Maybe you haven’t noticed, but I am doing some image house cleaning on my cell phone memory chip. Enjoy!

Rehoboth Beach sunset

As always, click the image for the biggy!

The “Highest” I’ve Ever been in Philadelphia!!

These pictures are from the 6th tallest building in Philadelphia, the Blue Cross building (DiBona Building) on the 44th floor facing west.  

As always click the image for the full effect! The connecto pic below is composed of 5 crappy cell pictures.

Philadelphia West from Blue Cross building

Here’s a few non-connecto pics facing north and east (just for giggles). As always, click the image for the full size!

Atlantic City Connecto Pics!

From my trip to Atlantic City, New Jersey with JohnnyD.  Had a great time!  Stayed at the Bally’s hotel on the boardwalk, in the fabulous tower.

window view
Window view from 24th floor of the Bally's tower.
Night time view of the boardwalk from the beach.

As usual click on the pics for the big ones!

Also the room at the Bally’s hotel looked like Dego Dazzle Honeymoon style.  Notice the honeymoon lights glaring down at the head of the beds.  Nice place.  Kinda corny.

Dego Dazzle Ballys Hotel AC

Philly Apartment Rooftop Connect-O-Pic

These may seem pointless, but I have fun doing them. This was taken as 4 pictures and I scrapped the 4th picture (which would have been on the far right). I just stuck with these three. This is on the roof of my apartment in stinky, junky, dead beat, south philly back in September (I think). I was shooting toward North (skyline behind the tree, Delaware river to the right – not really visible, so don’t look for it!) Took this long for me to finally dig’m up and slap’m together. They look washed out intentionally so you can see the blended edges of the 3 photos – I feel that’s the point of making Connect-O-Pics in the first place.

As always, click this sucker to blow it up and see it big!

DISCLAIMER:  I do not do this for art!  I do this for fun and my own amusement.  The images don’t match up “perfectly” and that’s point.  I’m just standing there, snapping with my cell phone, turning a little, and snapping again.  Fun little exercise.  It’s supposed to give you a cheap “cyclorama”, “sensaround”, or “panoramadingdong” perspective (or whatever the stupid trendy buzzword is supposed to be in the day of stupid internet fads).  Then again, it might just be a psychological profile for my dormant madness.

In review:

  • See my Sears (Willis) Tower Observation Deck Connect-O-Pic by clicking HERE.
  • See my North Atlantic City, NJ boardwalk Connect-O-Pic by click HERE.

Chicago is Freakin Cold!!! EEEK!

Spent the first time in my life actually IN Chicago for a few days thanks to Will and Spamalot.

Stayed at the Comfort Inn & Suites on E. Ohio St. in Chicago.

Not a bad hotel but had a totally USELESS couch in the living room.  It was like a small broken fold out bed love seat thing.  The cushions didn’t even match the couch.  It was like dumpster reject furniture.  Word of advice for this hotel:

Look, you are a hotel in a very VERY cold city.  People sometimes just want to stay in the room instead of go out into the “balmy” 10 degrees you got flyin around your streets.  This means your TV’s/Internet will be used and so will the couch!  If the couch sucks, don’t synthesize a passable one from other broken couches… THROW THE DAMN THING OUT!

This obviously didn’t occur to them because you couldn’t sit on the couch for longer than 5 minutes without severe back pain or a wedgie!

Other than the couch, the hotel was pretty nice.  Beds were clean and comfortable and bathroom was clean and shower had great pressure.  The view from the room was pretty cool too!

Click for a big picture
View from Comfort Inn and Suites Chicago. Click to download a better image!

Had a great visit to the skydeck at the Willis Tower (the former Sears Tower).  It was 103 stories up.  (And NO, the skydeck was not “calling to me” as the stupid website would say.  I just like tall buildings.  (Stupid marketing copyrighting dorks!!))  The elevator ride was wobbly and scary.  The view was incredible.  I took a few pictures and tried to make a “connecto picture” like I did in Atlantic City. This is out the north east side of the Willis/Sears tower overlooking the city with hancock tower (black tower), trump tower (silver tower), and lake michigan (big blue body of water!)

Click for a biggy version!
Northeast view from Sears/Willis Tower! It's a "Connecto-pic" ala cell phone! Click to download a better image!

Also did the thing at the tower where you can walk out on the glass box and look straight down.  It’s really creepy.  I found looking up at the very top edge of the building to be the most dizzying.  Looking down at your shoes was pretty common:

Looking out the side of the glass box to the OTHER glass box made ya kinda queezy.  Seeing the city from 103 stories up BEHIND other people floating on the side of the building was pretty sick!

In summary, had a great time.  It was REALLY nice to see/spend time with Will.  He made all sorts of fun arrangements so we could get around and see as much as we could despite the cold weather.  (MY GOD PEOPLE, IT’S THE COLDEST PLACE I’VE EVER EXPERIENCED IN MY LIFE!  I DON’T SEE HOW PEOPLE LIVE THERE!)

I must say, the ride to and from Chicago was really fun!  I took 476 north from Philly then I-80 all the way across.  Witnessed some very beautiful mountains and very bizarre weather patterns.  My car looks like a salt lick right now (real pretty on a black car).  It was an 800 mile commute one way.  Took a perfect 12 hours each way.  Not bad!  Had to fill my tank 3 times each way.

Indiana still has the best turnpike with the 70 mph speed limit but their self serve “insert dollar into the sucker” tool booths suck.

Stupid Toll Booths

Ohio still smells funny and takes forever to drive through.

Stinky Ohio

And I still wasn’t “welcomed” by a sign or anything into Illinois!

NO! You are NOT welcome!

So there is my Chicago trip in review!  Sorry about the reused graphics, but somebody has gotta recycle around here!  Shiz!

Atlantic City, NJ in Review

Went and actually stayed in Atlantic City, NJ a few nights for the first time in my life.  This was all courtesy of Rob Montgomery.

Let me tell you… INTERESTING place.  Had a great time, but WOW talk about strange places..

First of all, we stayed in a building called the Flagship.

Flagship, Atlantic City, NJ

We were on the 11th floor facing north (toward Brigantine, NJ).  I took pictures with my cell phone and made a collage of which I am quite proud.

Collage of View from Flagship
My collage of photos of the view from the 11th floor balcony. That's Absecon Inlet and Brigantine, NJ in the background.

If you click on the picture above you can see the full blown image.  It’s pretty neat!  Take notice of the boardwalk that is crumbling.  Atlantic City is literally crumbling in some areas and being rebuilt in others. What made the boardwalk so interesting is that people used it freely everyday all the time walking around barricades and ignoring warnings of the whole thing being unsafe.  There were parts where you could fall through human sized holes into the crashing surf below.  Obviously this boardwalk had taken hits from various storms in the past.  The question I have is, why would you build a boardwalk on the water right where the waves break, then put a sea wall behind the boardwalk?  Either way I found this whole thing very interesting.  This boardwalk sits on the north side of AC so maybe the “Noreasters” take their toll.  This boardwalk initially wrapped around to the eastern/ocean side of the island but now it’s so broken up it doesn’t go through.  Here are some pictures of the shoddy boardwalk.

Atlantic City crumbling
Atlantic City crumbling
AC crumbles
Notice the light pole that is broken and laying across the boardwalk toward the back of the photo right after the pole that is still standing.

The casinos were fun.  We spent most of our time at Ballys, Ballys Wild West, and Harrahs.  They are all pretty much the same thing that have the same games.  It’s like choosing between McDonalds or Burger King.  Same shit!  I found myself to be lucky/competent at video poker (of course) and a video slot machine called “bonus party” or “bonus block party”.  I did pretty well.  I’m no high roller but let’s say I had a wonderful time with little expense thanks to my winnings.

What makes AC interesting is the people that gamble.  They come from all walks of life and they are completely obsessed with gambling.  They walk around the casino floor like dazed zombies.  Some of the outfits and hairdo’s were noteworthy.  This next picture was taken by Rob.  This “lady” had an award winning mullet.  Even fringe for lesbian standards.

Award winning AC mullet
Award winning Atlantic City mullet

Well, for what it’s worth, I had a great time.  I’d go back!  I want to end this now before it starts to REALLY become a “what I did last summer” blog (as if it hasn’t already).  Thanks again to Rob Montgomery for the get-away and for introducing me to Mary and Kevin!  Good people!  Good times!