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Found out to transfer my internet into this new living arrangement, it’s going to cost me around $270. After being with this provider for 10 years and 2 moves, they have never charged me anything like this. This depressed the shit out of me, so……

I thought I’d sit and listen to some music and watch some Family Guys on my computer before I have to pull the plug on everything I’ve worked so hard to accomplish in the last 10 years. In the middle of an episode, my main computer just shut off. I thought there was a power out or something. I rebooted and everything seemed OK, so I started to watch my Family Guy’s again. Suddenly, the video blanked out and my Dell flat screen monitor went into power save mode, but my video was still playing as I could still hear Lois cussing out Peter. I fudged around for the longest time trying to get it back up. Wouldn’t come back up. I put the model of my Dell flat panel monitor into google and found a lot of people have the same problem.

I tried many solutions affecting the monitor and the video card (hold power button on monitor, disconnect and reconnect, detach and reattach video card, etc). I could get a reboot to the BIOS post screen and the window’s progress crawl. After that when it was supposed to load the windows desktop, instead it went back into power save and I saw nothing. Tried another monitor and it performed the same way.

I started to cry. One of the many solutions mentioned was that it could be a memory issue, and the thing to do is to remove your memory and reset the memory into the motherboard. I did this. Now when I reboot, I get nothing. No beeps, no post screen. NOTHING.

So now, on the eve of me moving out of my apartment into a cat piss smelling house filled with a hoarder’s legacy (not happy about this at all), I get to move into a new place and my pride and joy computer isn’t working at all. I have no money, no idea when I will get money, and all my vital data is sitting on a computer I cannot see.

So, now i’m unemployable, with no access to any of my vital job hunting, or bill transferring data. Basically, my life is totally fucked right now.

Let’s give it up for 42 years of failure. Put your hands together for the end of things.

And folks at the new place. Looks like we’re gonna be waiting forever for better internet. Sorry to raise your hopes. To be honest, I dont think I’ll be sticking around for too long. I have no money, cant seem to make money or find work, and everything I own is falling apart.

What a fucking life!

SO! Until further notice, no FTP, no Emule, no WMOM, and I’m just about to turn my back on every bit of interest and “skill” I have with computers. I’m fed the fuck up and there’s nothing I can do about it. My life is really coming to a shitty close here.

Fix Your Own Damned Computer!!!

I’ve been cleaning up people’s PCs’ during the last few days.  I thought I would share some of the secret handy sites (courtesy of Bitchin Bob):

Download the appropriate CD IMAGE (.iso file) for your operating system. Boot to the CD and find all your computer’s passwords.
Tons of utilities to investigate your computer’s operation and performance.

Windows Live Sysinternals
My favorite app here is autoruns. It shows you all the stuff that runs in the background on your computer and gives you the ability to disable it or delete it. There are many other nifty apps here too (like process explorer).