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WHAT A MESS!!! Many people have said, to mix up the thing or things.

So they say, “OH NO! He’s mixing things up again!” Because, you know, thats what they say. And I mean that, believe me!


But we DID mix it up anyways, because, ya know, I thought it was good and smart and talented and successful. Full of common sense. Strong, passionate, powerful, and with great verve. A TRUE PATRIOT !!

ACA (Obamacare) Shenanigans!

A “good morning” email from Kathleen Sebelius, the head of Health and Human Services this morning (April 2, 2014).  It almost seems like an April fool’s joke:

Dear Colleagues:

Over these last four years, you have been working hard to implement the Affordable Care Act, so that millions of Americans and their families can have new rights, protections, and opportunities to obtain quality, affordable health coverage.

Today, as we mark the end of the first open enrollment period for the Health Insurance Marketplace, I want to thank you for the progress we’ve made, together.

More than 7 million Americans enrolled by last night’s deadline, and once state numbers and all of the still working through the federal website are counted, this figure will be higher. Of course, this is on top of the millions of Americans who gained coverage through Medicaid and CHIP, the more than 3 million young adults who have health insurance because the law allows them to stay on their parents’ plan until their 26th birthday, and the millions of Americans who no longer face discrimination because of their gender or health status.

Yesterday alone, more than 4.8 million people visited and more than 2 million people called the CMS call centers. Hundreds of thousands attended enrollment events throughout the country over the final weekend. And, an amazing team of workers answered phones, kept the site running with unprecedented traffic, organized events and helped people sign up for insurance.

I know that this law has been at the center of much debate and discourse in Washington, but what this enrollment demonstrates is that the Affordable Care Act is working and much needed. That’s because behind each of these numbers are hardworking Americans who finally have the peace of mind that comes with quality health insurance; families who are saved from financial ruin; young people who’ve been given the freedom to pursue their dreams without fear; and the millions of families who never thought they would ever have this opportunity in their lifetime. That’s what this law is all about.

None of these historic achievements would have been possible without your tireless efforts, your unshakable commitment to public service, and your compassion for the people our Department aims to serve.

Our work is far from over. But I hope you will take a moment to pause and celebrate – be proud of the difference you are making in the lives of your fellow Americans. Very few people get to do work that matters this much. I am extremely honored to work with such a devoted and talented group of individuals and to share this special day with all of you.

Congratulations and Cheers, Kathleen Sebelius

And now my response, which is THE REALITY of the ACA:

And we’d like to thank everyone for taking part in selling the majority of our nation’s workers to the corrupt, poorly managed, behemoth known as Blue Cross. I’m sure, in time, you will all bow at the altar of the people who are already entirely too rich, and now have your very lives in their hands. Thank you all for supporting the drive to not only pervert capitalism, but put in place possibly the most corruptible form of a caste system ever known in the history of the world.

My Adventures With Obamacare

1. Went to Referred to Maryland exchange.
2. Went to maryland exchange at
3. Filed an application and put in 0 for my income and was forced to a medicaid page. I thought, “woops, I will be making money at some point this year (although my first paycheck is just shy of 45 days away… paychecks after are pending on if they want to keep me employed on this contract).
4. Deleted this application and started over.
5. Put in my appropriate income that I was expecting this year (provided I would still be employed on this contract).
6. Website crashed.
7. Called the customer service for the maryland exchange.
8. Phone number busy 5 times in one hour.
9. Finally got through to a person. Went through submitting the application on the phone.
10. Got down to the plan selection point where I was sent to (God knows what this site is or where it is from).
11. Put in my estimated income, age, and told them I was a smoker.
12. The cheapest plan listed was $143 a month with a $6000 deductible with no vision, dental, or prescription drug coverage. All the plans up to $300 a month were managed by Blue Cross in Maryland (I’ve worked for Blue Cross in PA and hated them. Do not want to insure through them at all).
13. In order to get a deductible less than $5000 I had to pay the upside of 300 a month with no vision, dental, or prescription coverage.

After some calculating, I found it was cheaper to pay the 1% of my annual income fine and go uninsured. With a deductible of 5-6000, you might as well be uninsured. I couldn’t afford the deductible much less a full uninsured hospital bill. Both the $6000 and the uninsured hospital bill would bankrupt me.

So I ask: WHAT IS THE POINT OF HEALTH INSURANCE IF YOU CANT AFFORD IT? I cant afford to be insured. I cant afford to be uninsured.


Once again… America fucks me!


Read this article. Apparently I’m not the only one. Basically, if uninsured health care is not affordable, and health insurance is not affordable, then obamacare and health insurance providers are unacceptable.

Might as well be a criminal…