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R.I.P., Gladys Myrna Graybill – My Sweety Princess

Today, Sunday, February 4, 2018 at 11:30am, Gladys Myrna Graybill, the most beautiful animal in my world, passed away with the best grace and dignity I could ever imagine.

She never ceased finding ways to make my life tolerable, easier, and better. She absorbed my tears when I cried and comforted me when I was afraid or couldn’t sleep. She tanned with me on the porch on sunny days, and made numerous people in life feel comfortable and find an affection for cats as a species. She spent summers at the beach, and played in some of the worst blizzards. She has played in green grassy yards and caught countless butterflies and bugs. She even caught a mouse or two. She has made friends of friend’s and family pets of all sizes and quantities.

A very clean cat, Gladys was always meticulous in her grooming and appearance. She carried this style and affinity for cleanliness all the way to her last dying breath. She never shied away from food or a good brushing (mostly fond of tuna, chicken, potato chips, and pop corn).

Known by her many nicknames as Glad Burger, Sweetums, Princess Big Butt, Princess Blue-ness, fancy pants, etc., Gladys would mostly respond to her name first, pss-wss-wss, and kissy noises. She loved the small furry cardboard mice, and the “Flattened Mouse’y” toy she stole, from Mark’s cat Scotty, while in Rehoboth in 2009. Never a fan of cat nip, Gladys was attracted to chewing on grass and spitting it out. This was provided by many people as gifts (from Denise and from Evan on birthdays).

Tons and tons of pictures and videos are sitting around filling my phones and hard drives. I was fortunate enough to share 15 years of my life with Gladys, my best friend. For me, there will never be another pet like her.

I will always love her forever and will always be her daddy.

I love you my Sweetums Gladys, forever.

Update (2/5/2018):
Thought I was handling this ok.  Woke up this morning without Gladys for the first time in 15 years and saw her food, water, and poopy palace and just fell to the floor in tears.  It feels like the clock has stopped.  This is probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done.

..and now... her majesty's seat is empty...
..and now… her majesty’s seat is empty… Long live the legacy of Gladys, princess of the universe.

Update (2/8/2018)
Gladys’s remains have arrived in the mail today.  What a great way for me to remember the best cat in the whole world.  The wooden urn, the paw print and certificate are perfect.  I paid $475.  Here is a link to the excellent service that handled Gladys’s after life care.  Best money I ever spent for the best kitty ever.  I will love and miss you forever my Sweetums.

sntjab ibaw

Just  U S E   Y O U R   H E A D P H O N E S !

This is something I did completely live with no software synths, editing, or processing done afterwards…  I just hit record and started making noises.

Volca bass, beats, and keys
Kaossilator Pro
Korg Mini-KP (red box)

I was just running around the table making noises for 32 minutes.  If you don’t make it through all 32 minutes, I wont be hurt.

This is just how I’m doing my time.  I’ll probably mince this up and use it somewhere..  in teeny weeny pieces.

By the way, sntjab ibaw means:
“simply needed to jam a bit, its been a while”

CeMeGo… Another Round (2nd Solo Album)

This is my second solo album. This collects everything I’ve done throughout the “year of personal hell” known as 2017.  This collection includes use of the Novation Launchpad.  I really tried to work more with phrasing (probably too much) where everything is more structured and looped.  This probably makes things more cold and clinical, but you have to learn sometime.  There is one long track that was a jam session with little planning (Track 13-Air Head Full of Fluff).  Everything else was looped, overdubbed, or (vaguely) planned with soloing on top.  Some tracks were never posted on this blog (marked with an *).  This, of course, is to gyp listeners into downloading an album of tracks to hear 3 for the first time.  Here’s the run down/liner notes.

  1. Waiting on Hold for Bob* (1:05) This was literally slapped together while waiting on hold with Bob who was talking with his mom on the other line (as usual).  One piano loop and pointlessly pounding away in real time over top.
  2. For Another Day (4:07) I am most proud of this sound for the big “Trevor Horn sounding” bridge in the middle.  Yes, for you local folks, that is an audio sample of the WTOP traffic report for DC mixed in there.  Further write up located here.
  3. Crunch Numbers (2:47) Write up located here.
  4. Bright and Fast* (5:23) Every type of metallic percussion (that I liked) was used to make loops on this one including glockenspiels, xylophones, vibraphones, and marimbas.  I had a lot of fun programming the drum patterns.  I probably went a little overboard with most of it.
  5. Get it Right (2:27) Write up located here.
  6. Atmosthing (4:10) Write up located here.
  7. Holdsworthian (4:35) Write up located here.  (RIP Allan Holdsworth).
  8. Phone Waves (3:59) Write up located here.
  9. Pianosplosion (4:43) Write up located here.
  10. Political Optics (I Don’t Apologize For It) (3:37) Write up located here.
  11. No Driver No Problem (3:35) Write up located here.
  12. Volcanoid (5:18) Write up located here.
  13. Air Head Full of Fluff (12:52) This is the long jam session.  Write up located here.
  14. The Warfare* (3:50) This is the last track to be made for this album.  It started on Veterans Day 2017.  I finished it today (Dec 23, 2017).  The spoken samples are a half speed recording of Jim Bakker talking about how people are trying to kill him because he’s “preaching the word of God”.  I think it’s because he’s a felon manipulating the minds of the poor and desperate people who tune into his show to be exposed to horrific fears of a false prophecy.  Either way, he is fun to audibly abuse.  He sounds drunk at half speed.

Here’s the 59 meg zip file of all the tracks and the cover!  Enjoy!

As always, maximum enjoyment can be achieved by listening in a car or in headphones.

FYI:  The first solo album “Cemego… It Alone” can be found here.

And just for a peek into my sordid life, here’s a picture of the stuff that makes all this magic possible.

The rig

4 Minutes of Phone Ambience

Had the start of this laying around on the hard drive for months. It was improvised with no clicks (BPM setting). The phone beep/rhythm was done on the Kaossilator pro first live with fingers (no real looping). The strings were made with the MicroKorg. I added the upright bass, some “angelic” type synth vamp and, one of my favorite things, far away piano. Put a few little phasing effects on a few things (including the upright bass) so it travels around the speakers. Suddenly it was BOOM! MAGIC!

Hope you enjoy and it puts you in another place.

Guest Parking (with CHOB)

Nice parking, man!!!

Here’s a song for something we all know.  It’s a  song about parking, traffic, and driving.  Bob doesn’t know what an Oxford comma is but he will learn someday.  Maybe after 10 minutes of listening to Guest Parking?  Maybe you can learn something toe?

Hope you like it.  Use headphones!

NEW!Completely jive and pointless lyrics below!NEW!

Now the next step is picking a spot for parking
So lets pick a spot first
Lets say we want to park here
So whatever spot you pick for parking
You want to count that spot as number
Then you drive forward to the next spot
And count that spot as number
Then you drive up one more spot
And count that spot as number
Don’t worry I’m not gonna take you back to kindergarten
And make you count up to
Fa fa fa fa…
After printing this parking permit
please make sure it is displayed
in the front dashboard
of your guest vehicle.
All guest parking is
located on the 4th floor
marked with “visitor”.
Guests that park in any other spaces
may be towed.
If you need to make changes to
your reservation or
you have any questions
please contact ussssss.
Parking is at your own
Management is not
For theft or damage to
Valid for 24 hours
All guest parking is located
on the 4th floor
and marked with “visitor.”
Guests that park in any other spaces
may be
May be
For now we’ll stop

Selfish Political Optics (I Don’t Apologize For It)

A new hit! Guest starring (or like the hip hop people say “feat.”) Chris Christie and drums by Rush’s Neil Peart!

You gotta love a hated politician that doesn’t give a shit about his constituents.  And the funny part is, people are RAGING about him lately, but, if you aren’t completely politically myopic, you could see this in his behavior since he was first elected.  I guess the republicans in New Jersey are completely idiotic, until crap like this is brazenly shoved down their throat in the media.

Either way, this song is HERE TO HELP YOU UNDERSTAND the man and the SELFISH EGO that is Chris Christie.  Let us all hope after this, he just GOES AWAY!!!

Created this with:

  • Korg Volca bass
  • Korg Volca Keys
  • Korg MiniKP(red box)
  • Korg MicroKorg
  • Ableton Live
  • Adobe Audition
  • Audacity
  • Novation Launchpad
  • A sampled drum fill from Rush’s track “Red Lenses” (from the “Grace Under Pressure” album)

This took about 4 hours to do.  This was tons of fun.  Listen in headphones “cause they’re really gonna help you on this one…”

So How Is The Job Hunt Going?

A listing for a technical writer position came up in Rockville. SIX different “recruiters” called me for it.

  • All offering different lengths of contract.
  • Some showed a salary range and some didn’t.
  • Some of them called BEFORE sending a job description i.e., “cold called.”
  • 3 left a message.

This was the one that I could understand the most. This is an example of one of the “great” recruiters in “America” that are the “Warriors of My Future” who will save me from homelessness in this “great” nation. These are the people who control my future and destiny and stand between me and that all so important encompassing enthralling career move that will change my life and make things better for me.

Let’s just listen to the magic and hope for my future.

Think I have any hope? At all?

Do you have a clearer understanding of my “attitude”?

I get this at a rate between 6-12 interactions a day. I’ve had these and answered them and tried to work with them now for 7 months. Do you think these are actual jobs? Any thoughts at all about this would be interesting from anyone. I’ve already emailed 2 congressman about this with no responses.

All I can say is WHAT THE HELL?!?!

UPDATE: I just had a job description that asked if “Any time planned off next few months (Dr appointments, Vacations, etc.)? ”

I replied with “I may get sick. I am human. I do not “need” a vacation ever, but it may be difficult to come to work constantly with no time away. Once again, I am human.”

“Fighting The Cyber”

I am no expert in Cyber Security. I do sort of have an understanding of technical jargon. It kills me or literally sickens me, when senior Trump administration officials refer to Cyber Security as “Fighting the Cyber”.

This sounds like a stupid alien race from Star Trek.

I heard this today in a video posted on CNN.

This atrocity of the English language was perpetrated by Steve Mnuchin, Trump’s treasury secretary.

Secretary Mnuchin Fighting The Cyber

I can completely understand the lack of understanding of what it takes to work on Cyber Security infrastructure. It is a daunting and complex task. But saying things like “fight cyber” shows a lack of understanding AND A CLEAR LACK OF CONCERN AND LAZINESS TO THE POINT OF NOT EVEN WORDING IT CORRECTLY.

People in power that treat issues like this with this public level of impotent concern should be fired. I know I would be fired or at least publicly shamed for it.

High paid glory sucking idiots !!! This is the freaking TREASURY SECRETARY. He better start understanding this terminology and learning to use it correctly at least in public statements. It’s terrifying that someone in charge of money doesn’t even understand how to use this term correctly in common dialect. SHAME SHAME SHAME!


Korg Volca Bass, Keys, & Beats

I was in the mood to mess with my much neglected Korg Volca Bass, Keys & Beats synthesizer/sequencers. I needed more analog in my life I guess. So I did this stupid mindless jam on the Volcas then augmented it with some MicroKorg solos and some Ableton MIDI sounds. I even looped some MicroKorg into the Korg Kaossilator. If all this sounds confusing, it is probably because it was. The whole thing is a mess but it was fun to do. This was done at 110 bpm (like that matters).

Enjoy Volcanoid !!!
(as always this is best in headphones or in a car).


WHAT A MESS!!! Many people have said, to mix up the thing or things.

So they say, “OH NO! He’s mixing things up again!” Because, you know, thats what they say. And I mean that, believe me!


But we DID mix it up anyways, because, ya know, I thought it was good and smart and talented and successful. Full of common sense. Strong, passionate, powerful, and with great verve. A TRUE PATRIOT !!